Children of the second decade of the 21st century aren’t greatly different from kids of their age who were born at the end of the previous millennium. They are as agile, inquisitive, naughty, and reluctant to study as their peers twenty years ago. They are very much alike in all aspects except one – modern kids are extremely technology-savvy. Being exposed to digitalization practically from the cradle, 5 year olds of today can handle iPhone or Kindle Fire tablet pretty well, surprising parents who may have issues with discovering all functionalities of their gadgets.

Realizing such a wicked faculty of the younger generation, it would be a felony not to make use of it to some noble end. And what is the priority for every boy and girl – at least how adults see it? Naturally, they will hardly mention excelling at an Android video game. Parents and teachers would, first of all, envisage the educational process as the primary sphere, where the digital penchant of contemporary youngsters can work miracles. And a surefire recipe for reaching out to smartphone-obsessed children is to install the best learning app for kids on their device.

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