If someone was deeply traumatised during their early years, they may typically live on the surface of themselves now that they are an adult. As a result of this, they are unlikely to have a strong connection with their feelings and certain needs.

However, this could be something that they are not even aware of thanks to how young they were when this took place and how long their life has been this way for. What this will mean is that this will just be something that is normal.

The Modern-Day World

One could have been on this earth for many, many years but there is still the chance that they haven’t received any feedback from others that has reflected back what is going on for them. If they had another challenge such as a health problem, for instance, it might be different.

The reason for this is that they are likely to live in a society that focuses on physical problems but doesn’t have the same degree of focus when it comes to mental and emotional problems. Undoubtedly, peoples ‘mental health’ is receiving more attention but this is an area that is still very much in its infancy.

An Analogy

One way of looking at this would be to say that one will be a traumatised person living in a society that traumatises people, so why would they receive any feedback from others? They will be like a goldfish that has only ever lived in water.

Most, if not all, of the other fish in the water will be in the same position and thus, they won’t know any different either. Also, as the society that they live in is likely to be overly reliant on technology, living up top, so to speak, will be a necessary part of life.

For Example

When one is in their own company, they can spend a fair amount of time using some kind of device and, when they are at work, the same thing can occur. During this time, they will be very much in their head and out of touch with what is going on in their body.

Therefore, they, along with most of the other people they come into contact with, are not going to need to be in their body in order to function in society. Considering this, one being firmly rooted in their mind and more or less dead from the neck down can just be seen as part of being a modern-day human.

One Outcome

Nonetheless, while living in this way can be seen as normal, they are still going to generally be estranged from themselves. The support, connection and wholeness that their body provides are not going to be available to them.

Ergo, when one is not focused on a screen or caught up in something or someone else, they can feel empty, disconnected and alone. This will be a natural consequence of them being out of touch with the part of them that will root them to the earth and allow them to feel connected to others.

Another Analogy

It will be as though one owns a house that has seven floors but they only live on the seventh floor. Each floor will serve a different purpose and yet, they won’t be able to take advantage of what the other flows offer.

Now, while this will be the case, one won’t realise that they have six other floors and that each of these floors offers then something different. Or, if they are aware that there is more to their house and they have tried to go to another floor, this may have been a time when they came into contact with something uncomfortable and instantly went back to the top floor.

A Divided Being

In other words, they will carry a lot of trauma, and this is something that they will come into contact with if they try to connect to their body. Living in their head won’t allow them to keep all of this pain at bay but it will certainly help.

Some of the pain that is held in their body/unconscious mind will seep into their mind and this can show up as ‘irrational’ fears, anxiety problems and even the manifestation of at least one ‘disorder’. Their body will be talking to them but they won’t understand that this is so, let alone what it is saying to them.


Along with the effect that this trauma has on their mental health, it will also have an effect on how they experience life and on the situations, circumstances and events that they find themselves in. The ‘negative’ feelings that are held inside their body will seldom enter their conscious awareness but these feelings will still influence their life.

What these feelings will do is cause them to resonate at a certain frequency and this frequency will cause them to experience things that are an energetic match. The trouble is that as they won’t be aware of what is going on, it will probably seem as though something or someone ‘out there’ is responsible for what is going on.

A Natural Outcome

Their early experiences would have been overwhelming and this is then why they disconnected from themselves. This would have been the only way for them to handle what was going on; they wouldn’t have been able to fight back or to run away.

Now that they are an adult, it will be up to them to work through the pain that is inside them and to become more embodied in the process. As this takes place, their experience on this earth will gradually change.


If one can relate to this, and they are ready to change their life, they may need to reach out for external support. This is something that can take place with the assistance of a therapist or healer.

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