Even if someone is not connected to themselves and rooted in their body, it doesn’t mean that they will realise this. As a result, there will be no reason for them to do anything about their life; they can just carry on living in the same way.

Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean that they will have a very fulfilling existence. They are likely to have a number of different challenges that make it more or less impossible for them to enjoy their time on this earth.

A Miserable Existence

So, assuming that they are not aware of what the main issue is, they can be only too aware of the symptoms that are a consequence of this issue. Their awareness is primarily going to be in their head and living in this way is likely to mean that they are used to feeling empty.

Furthermore, they can typically feel disconnected from their fellow human beings and life itself. On the plus side, though, they may have a well-developed intellect and find it easy to think rationally.

A Very Low Place

As they are not connected to their body, they won’t be able to connect to the support and wholeness that it provides. Also, not being connected to this part of them will create a strong sense of being separate from everything.

Living on the surface of themselves can mean that they are accustomed to feeling anxious, insignificant, and powerless. Thus, while they might have a lot of control when it comes to their mind, they won’t exert much control over their life.

Seemingly Held Back

When it comes to how they experience life and their inability to create a fulfilling one, they could believe that people ‘out there’ are holding them back and making their life harder than it needs to be. They are then not going to be free to express themselves and to go after what it is that they desire.

As for their relationships, they might not have many friends and the friendships that they do have might not have much depth. Their love life might not be much different, either, and this could be another area of their life where they haven’t had much success.

A Mirror

Ultimately, they won’t be very intimate with themselves, so they won’t be able to very intimate with other people. The only way that this will change is if they are able to connect to their body and to connect to their feelings.

This will allow them to have more depth and the outcome of this is that they will naturally create relationships that have more depth. However, for their life to change, they will need to become aware of why their life is the way that it is.

A Block

Once they become aware of their inner disconnection, they could wonder why they are living on the surface of themselves. They will have feelings like everyone else, but they won’t have a good connection with them.

Now, while they will want to reconnect to their body and to embrace their feelings, it doesn’t mean that this is something that will happen through force. No matter how much they want to connect to their body, they will need to surrender to what is going on and it will take time for them to change.

An Inner Split

The reason for this is that the connection between their body and head will have been severed. Undoubtedly, these two parts will be connected but due to how their being has developed over the years – having a contracted diaphragm will be part of this - there will be an energy block.

The armouring and tension that is in place throughout their body will prevent their head from having a strong connection with their body and each part of their body from being connected. What this means is that it is not that one has a weak connection with their feelings because of repression, there is far more to it than this.

Out of Balance

Thanks to this inner blockage, the energy that is in their hips won’t be able to move up and energise the rest of their body. This is why they can generally have low energy and very little aggression and yet, have a lot going on in their head.

The energy that would bring them to life and allow them to truly embrace life won’t be available to them. Their lower body, especially their hip area, can often feel tight, numb and heavy.

An Analogy

When it comes to their experience on this earth, it could be as if they are in a car that has broken down. They will then have a number of different destinations in mind, but they won’t be able to go anywhere.

In the same way, one will have a body that is not full of life and able to give them the energy that they need to do things. And, they will have all these ideas running through their mind, but they won’t have access to the power that is within them that would give them the ability to turn them into a reality.

A Deeper Look

If one has what could be classed as a divided being and they have been this way for as long as they can remember, it could show that their early years were not very nurturing and their time in their mother’s womb might not have been any different. This could have been a time in their life when they were rejected and it was made clear to them that they were not wanted.

To handle the extreme pain that they were in, they would have had to lose touch with their body and to pull their awareness into their head. Ergo, although living on the surface of themselves will cause them to suffer greatly now that they are an adult, it would have been what allowed them to survive a time in their life that was deeply traumatic.


If they were to be diagnosed, they could be seen as having a schizoid/dreamer character type. This is one of five character types that are a consequence of early trauma and this type is formed before any of the others.

With that said, if someone can relate to this, and they are ready to change their life, they may need to reach out for external support. What they will need to keep in mind is their life won’t change overnight.

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