There are some people on this planet who always have enough and then there are others who never have enough. And it doesn’t matter what state the economy is in either; as there will still be the haves and have not’s.

When one thinks about people to have what they want, they may start to think about people who are famous, royalty, sports stars or even bankers for instance. The reason images such as these can come to mind is largely the result of how one has been influenced by the media.

It is not uncommon for them to focus on how certain people have it all and how their readers, the common folk, have very little. This is naturally going to create division and some people could flee like victims and believe that life is unfair.


After seeing this divide, it can cause people to develop a sense of entitlement; that’s if they haven’t developed it already. Based on their outlook, other people have things that they will never be able to attain.

The government or another source could then be looked upon to create balance or equality. However, if other people are put on a pedestal and one sees them as different, it could make it even harder for them to experience life differently.


Their identity is then based around them not getting their needs and wants met. And if one has internalised what the media has presented, they could end up believing that this is how life is. This outlook could be further enforced by the people they surround themselves with.

Like often attracts like and so the people one spends their time with are likely to have a similar outlook. Each person’s reality will then end up being validated and although each person’s beliefs will end up being supported, they are unlikely to be any happier.

Personal Reality

While one can spend their time with people who reflect their outlook in regards to getting their needs and wants met and allow the media to infiltrate their mind, they still have their own reality. If everyone had the same reality there wouldn’t such a big divide when it comes to people who have their needs met, and people who don’t have them met.

This is not to say that this is therefore black and white; as it will be a matter of degree. Some people could be in a position where their wants and needs are generally met and other people could find that they have the met but that it doesn’t happen on a consistent basis.

A Desert

And then there will be others whose experience on this planet is tantamount to living in a desert. There never seems to be enough and it might not matter what this relates to. Ones needs and wants are then not met in most cases and this is what they have become accustomed to.


Not having enough could relate to just about everyone area of ones life. One might find that they never have enough money or that their relational needs are never met. Going without and seeing other people get what they want could be all too familiar.


So when one experiences life in this, way they could believe that they’re different to people who have enough and that, other people have something they don’t have. Other people could be seen as being luckier or more fortunate than they are or they could be seen as being more intelligent.

But while the mind can come up with these conclusions as well as many others, they’re not necessarily the truth. They might allow one’s mind to settle down and give them a reason why it is not possible for them to have their needs and wants met, but it won’t change anything.

A Deeper Look

Through not having their needs and wants met for so long, they are not going to expect to have them met. There is the chance that these expectations were formed in ones adult years, however, they could go back even further.

It could be that one had a childhood where their needs and wants were rarely, if ever, met. And as one wouldn’t have had the ability to question what was taking place at this age, it would have become the truth.

This means that it didn’t just reflect their caregiver/s inability to meet their needs, it was how life is. At this time, one may have believed that their needs were not being met because they were unworthy. And these experiences would have caused one to experience a lot of pain.


The attention they did receive could have caused them to feel: smothered, trapped, compromised and/or violated. So although they had needs that needed to be met at this age, it might not have felt safe and there might not have been any one around on most occasions.

So this then sets one up to form associations that are unhealthy and disempowering. If one only feels safe when they are not getting their needs met, it is inevitable that they are going to suffer.

Time Goes By

Time will then pass and one will physically grow, but their level of emotional growth can end up staying the same. One can then end up being cut off from their feelings and then their mind will create all kinds of stories as to why there is never enough.

The answers are not in one’s mind though; they are in one’s body. Until one feels that it is safe for them to receive, they will continue to manifest the same reality.


There is the chance that the emotional experiences of one’s past are still trapped in their body. And all the time they are there, one is going to have feel the same, perceive life in the same way and behave in the same way.

These emotional experiences can be processed with the assistance of a therapist or a healer. Through this, one will begin to open up to life and feel that it is safe to receive.

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