Be that as it may, they do, and you need to cut them unquestionably more habitually than you would might suspect. You'll need to cut them at least two times each week to trim back on the danger of your infant scratching itself
Here is the thing that you'll have to trim your child's nails:
Clipping Fingernails
Nail Care of Newborn Babies

Ear and Nose Cleaning
Ear wax might be unattractive, however it isn't terrible for your child. It contains microorganisms that can avert contamination and can shield your child some from getting water in the ear channel
While you don't need to expel it, it's additionally alright to delicately wipe the wax out of your child's ear. You should leave the wax inside the ear channel territory be that as it may.
Here is the thing that you'll have to keep your infant's ears clean:
Ear and Nose Care
Is It Safe to Clean Baby's Ears with Ear-Buds?

Hair Care
When your kid's hair gets sufficiently long, it should be cut. Cutting will keep it out of their eyes, yet it will likewise help dispose of any split closures that are creating.
For more hair care tips:
Hair Care (Cradle Cap)
Understanding Cradle Cap
Tips for Dealing with Cradle Cap
Hair Care for Newborn Babies

Eye Care
our child sees things best from 8 to 12 inches away. This is the ideal separation for looking up into the eyes of mother or father (a most loved activity!). Any farther than that, and babies see for the most part hazy shapes since they're myopic
Taking Care of Baby's Eyes
Is it Safe to Apply Kajal to Baby's Eyes?

Infant's Diaper
Diaper changing may appear to be confused from the outset. In any case, with a little practice, you'll see that keeping your child spotless and dry is simple.
Unseasoned parents invest a ton of energy evolving diapers. To be sure, infants may utilize 10 diapers every day or more.
Diapering Basics
Different Kinds of Diaper Rash
How to tie a nappy?
Liners and Nappy Pads
Causes of Diaper Rash
Treatment of Diaper Rash
Diaper Rashes in Babies
How to Deal With Diaper Rashes?
How to Buy Baby Diapers
Nappies for a Newborn - Cloth Nappy Or Disposable Nappy
How to Buy and Use Disposable Diapers
Coping with Diaper Rashes in Babies

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