Build a strong relationship with the child
If the child is not residing with the father, he should constantly check with the child about his day. A father can also choose to stop by the child’s school and enquire about his academic progress. He should also ensure to the child that he has his backup in case if needed.
It is also important for the father to attend the child’s school events including school plays, birthday parties, gatherings, etc. A court can take note of this gesture as evidence of a meaningful relationship.
Prepare a space for the child
Even if a father is confined to a small space, he should make a special space in his home for the child. A court will enquire about the adequate living conditions during child custody representation. A father should be able to respond to the jury’s inquiry about the accommodation facilities.
Respect towards a child’s mother
A father should show respect and compassion towards a child’s mother. The way a father treats the child’s mother is an important step in determining child custody. Fathers who are rude or inconsiderate to the child’s mother will likewise influence the child, alongside the dad's odds of acquiring child custody.
Be Honest With Yourself
A dad who needs the custody of a child ought to practically ask himself what he can deal with. Many dads may have different obligations, for example, other children or numerous employments. Different obligations may influence a dad's capacity to expect custody of a child, particularly full custody.
If all else fails, Ask Someone Wiser Than You
A dad who needs the custody of a child ought to address other people who have experienced the child custody process. A dad who has experienced the child custody proceedings can offer to understand and let a dad who is experiencing the procedure realize what's in store.
Consider Mediation
A father who is looking forward to the custody of the child should consider mediation to avoid the complicated court hearing. In mediation, the legal process is done by the third party. For some, it may be difficult to handle custody proceedings in the courtroom, so it is wise to go for the settlement through a mediator.
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