Medical reports from patients plus clinical findings implicate antidepressants, like Zoloft, in several serious and even life-threatening side effects. Among the harmful effects of antidepressants that have come to light is the probable risk for autism in a child, based on a July 2011 CNN report. A research conducted by Lisa Croen, Ph.D., director of autism research at Kaiser Permanente Northern California, found that infants who were exposed to antidepressants during the first trimester of their mother’s pregnancy were approximately four times as likely to develop a disorder on the autism spectrum (ASD) compared to those who were not exposed.

With these recent data, people with depression disorder should consider another way of treatment other than Zoloft intake which has been consistently accused of causing harmful side effects. Other than the clinical findings and research studies, reports from patients present that Zoloft has caused severe damages on their life in general and health in particular. These reports are substantiated through the Zoloft lawsuits they filed against the manufacturer, Pfizer.

Zoloft has been the target of research for causing various harms to patients including suicide, birth defects, sexual dysfunction, hallucination, abnormal personality changes, unusual mood shifts, hostility, agitation, insomnia, self-harm and other acts of violence.

Various complaints have been filed to recover damages for patients who were victimized by the drug’s side effects. The complaints argue that Pfizer failed to warn to doctors and consumers about the dangers of taking Zoloft. There was one class action in California that charged the company of concealing the information about Zoloft side effects from the public. The company was further accused by US governmental entities of illegally interfering with the release of a generic version of Zoloft. This caused other states to pay more for the antidepressant drug in their health programs.

Hence, victims of Zoloft should seek legal advice to found out if they qualify for a financial compensation from the manufacturer. It is also important to report to a medical professional the health damages Zoloft has caused you. He/she may provide a safer alternative way to deal with your depression.

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