It could be said that everyone on this planet has a part of them that provides them with aggression. This part of someone will provide them with energy, drive, enthusiasm and the ability to stand their ground.

Of course, it can also be something that can cause them to cause destruction, not only to others but to themselves. Nevertheless, when this takes place, it is likely to show that something isn’t right.

A Metaphor

This is then similar to how a dog can use its aggression to jump all over the place and run around, or it can end up trying bite or attack people. In the first case, it will show that the dog is not afflicted; whereas in the second case, it will show that something isn’t right.

Without this understanding, it would be easy to blame the dog and to say that its aggression needs to be removed. If this dog’s aggression was removed, though, it would probably be like a statue – it wouldn’t do anything.

A Precarious Position

So if someone was stripped of their aggression then, they wouldn’t be able go after what they want in life and they wouldn’t be able to protect themselves either. They would be like as sitting duck – no drive and no defence.

There would be little chance of them causing anyone else any problems; what they would do is cause themselves problems. Not being able to get anything done would create all kinds of unnecessary challenges.

A Vital Component

If someone’s aggression is integrated, however, they will have what they need to take action and to look after themselves. When it comes to taking the first step and hanging in their when things get tough, this part of them will support them.

This part of them will give them the energy and the power that they need to keep going, no matter what happens. It will be a big part of what enables them to fulfil the plans that their mind comes up with.


If another person goes too far or asks them to do something that they do want to do, this part of them will be there to let them know that something isn’t. Furthermore, it will give them the strength to draw the line or to say no.

They will typically know when their space is being invaded or when something isn’t in their best interests. The only time that this part of them could make itself known is if they were pushed to the limit.

Rising Up

During this time, one could end up getting angry and make it clear that something is not acceptable. When one is able to deal with something in a civil manner, this part of them won’t need to express itself in this way.

By being able to listen to themselves, there would have been no need for this part of them to make itself known in this way. Therefore, this will only happen when something is not right and they haven’t been able to deal with it in the normal way.

Another Reality

When someone is disconnected from their aggression, they will most likely find that it is hard for them to take action and to have boundaries. Along with this, they may find that it is hard for them to act like an individual.

It can then be normal for them to be passive and to not do anything, and to allow others to walk over them and to say yes when they should be saying no. The life is then not going to be a reflection of their needs; it will be a reflection of other people’s needs.


What they may also find is that as they have lost touch with this part of them, they have the tendency to come into contact with people who are controlled by this part of themselves. One can then walk on eggs shells around these people and do what they can not to upset them.

Ultimately, these people will remind them of the part of themselves that they have lost touch with. One can then believe that they are scared of these people, but in reality, they will be scared of their own shadow or dark side.

Back In Time

The reason one experiences life in this way can be because they fear what will happen if they do listen to his part of themselves and dare to assert themselves. If they have been this way for as long as they can remember, it could show that their early years were a time when it wasn’t safe for them to express their true-self.

If they did express themselves, they may have been abused and/or neglected. Through being traumatised during this stage of their life, they would have felt overwhelmed and leaving their body may have been the only way for them to survive.

A Divided Being

Once they are back into their body and feel safe enough to be there, they will be able to embrace their aggression. In order to get to this stage, they will most likely need to resolve a lot of trauma.

After being out of touch with this part of their being for so long, when they do get back in touch with it can be as if they have a support power. They will be able to operate as a whole human being; a human being who is rooted in their body and feels alive.


If one can relate to this, and they want to change their life, they may need to reach out for external support. This is something that can be provided by the assistance of a therapist or a healer.

One thing they may find, as they begin to integrate this part of their being, is that their whole personality starts to change. This is to be expected, considering they were living on the surface of themselves before.

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