Award Winning poet uses the language in a matter with absorbs all the moments in their lives that makes them who they are today. It may be even the loss of someone dear to them, which makes home into the poem in the form of tears. It may also be moments of absolute bliss that they have felt and want to capture the moment to share with the world, and a poem gives them the power to capture that moment in time. Every person in the world is made differently, and has different personality, not only that the moods and the emotional state we are in changes how we perceive things. The way an average individual that comes across the creation of an Award Winning Poet, he may perceive the poem in his own way. In a way, he gets to look at the world in new light each and every time he reads the work of art. Eventually, they may see what the Award Winning Poet is trying to communicate through the words, which has a piece of their soul in it.

If you really tired of regular ongoing type of fiction such as thriller or horror or travelogue fiction then it’s high time for you to try romantic suspense Adding suspense to a romance is extra tinge you are getting. Romantic suspense is the most prefers suspense books read especially by women. Since it has often seen that the pivot character if of women in such books. It is easier for women to align themselves with this factious character. Women are little more imaginative rather than men; they really want to escape from their present reality world to some unknown fancy world. Women mostly read these books. These categories of women’s fiction appeal to women in particular.

Romantic suspense novel are different in tone and style from the typical romance novels as the primary focus is not only on the romantic alliance between two people, but on the mystery surrounding them. These novels are therefore plot driven instead of being character driven. Romantic suspense novel is very popular with the reading masses and there are a number of successful romantic suspense authors catering to this demand.

Chick lit is a terminology which was first coined in 1980s and it is generally American slang word. Chick lit is a type of fiction which focuses on women folk and issues pertaining to them but the entire set up of the novel is kept very light. This genre of writing was not based on typical age old women issues such as being victims of situations. But rather it includes modern and present time elements such as love, feminism, courtship, female identity, sexual matters etc. It does sometimes deal with sexuality and violent plots but the overall literature is kept very light. Chick lit is very different from the typical romantic writing as the female character is shown as a strong and independent person who has the potential to face difficulties and who can learn from her own mistakes.

Women’s fiction is a broad term encompassing the huge range of literary works that are specifically marketed for the female readers. Many people are of the opinion that women’s fictions are written by women alone but that is not the case. Women’s fiction may be targeted at women but are not necessarily written by them always. It includes various literary sub-genres including romantic novels, chick lit, etc.

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Jane Rosenthal is an award winning poet, radio journalist, a romantic suspense author and an educator. She received a degree in Creative Writing from San Francisco State where she studied with Frances Mayes. She loves to write on about women’s fiction and Chick lit . For more details please visit: