Let’s face it, choosing an ideal color for your kitchen cabinets is as important as the kitchen remodeling itself. Recently, there has been a heightened appreciation of matte black kitchen cabinets in modern homes. Is it an option worth considering for your next remodeling project? Well, a lot has to be considered before you decide on this bold color for your cabinets.

Check out the pros and cons then make up your mind about it.

The pros

Has a striking look

Any homeowner that is looking for something uniquely striking should go for matte black kitchen cabinets . This bold color is beautiful and captures the attention of visitors immediately. You will never go wrong when you have this color scheme for a first impression.

Easy to maintain

Dark colors in the kitchen are a delight to homeowners that don’t have much time to clean the shelves. They hide dirt, meaning that you don’t have to spend more time in the kitchen cleaning the cabinets. Furthermore, they are not quick to show wear and tear. It is easy to stay with them for long.

Increases home value

Affluent homes are associated with dark themes in the kitchen like matte black kitchen cabinets. If you are remodeling the kitchen to sell your home, then you should try this color to increase your home’s value. However, you must remain aware that not so many new homeowners prefer dark colors in the kitchen. Therefore, your target has to be affluent homebuyers.

The cons

Requires a large kitchen space

You can only install matte black kitchen cabinets if you have a large kitchen. Dark colors don’t work well in small rooms because they absorb light, making the room feel even much smaller. This is limiting to homeowners that don’t have large kitchens.

Requires more lighting

In addition to the installation of the kitchen cabinets, you will have to invest more in lighting. You can either add more light fixtures or open up the window space. Therefore, the expenses will go higher than your estimated budget.


If you don’t find good-looking matte black kitchen cabinets, the kitchen will look dull. You need interior designing advice to get things right with dark cabinetry lest you have a boring kitchen space.


The verdict depends on the view that you have after weighing the pros and cons. If you have a considerably large kitchen space, you have all the reasons to try this unique cabinetry color.

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