Urban Meyer has taken a leave from coaching the Florida Gators due to chest pains he had experienced earlier this month. He was wise and went to the hospital, where test were performed and it was determined that no permanent muscle damage was done. This is an example of why it is important that immediate care is so important in this situation.

Although the reason for Coach Meyer’s chest pain were not disclosed, his reaction to it is very important. Immediate care is essential as it can help minimize damage if a person is having a heart attack. The problem is many people, especially during the holiday season put off care until it is too late. They either believe that it will go away or they do not want to disturb the holiday and wait.

The question then becomes when you should seek help and when you should wait. The symptoms of a heart attack are not just chest pain but including many other symptoms including, abdominal pain, upper body pain including jaw pain and arm pain, nausea and vomiting, anxiety, shortness of breath, lightheadedness and sweating. If you experience these symptoms for longer then a few minutes then you should seek help. Waiting for the symptoms to go away will only lead to a more severe outcome.

Treatment and testing at the hospital will help to get a correct diagnosis. Even if it is not a heart attack, these symptoms can be telling you that there is something wrong and you need to take care of it. Stress and other issues can lead to more serious conditions over the long term. Ultimately it is timely care that will allow for a long and healthy life.

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Amy Korn-Reavis, RRT, RPSGT has been in the respiratory field for over twenty years. She has worked in all areas and is currently focusing on sleep and how to help the community feel better by sleeping better. She is the manager of Emery Sleep Solutions an independent testing facility located in Apopka, Florida. She is also the coordinator of A.W.A.K.E. Orlando a support group for people with sleep disorders http://awakeorlando.ning.com. If you have any questions about sleep or are looking for someone to speak at your community function she can be reached at bettersleepcoach@gmail.com