To all the men out there, here's information that you might find useful: If you want to get great pecs, you don't need to rush into gym membership right away. For most men, a "pre-gym" workout prepares their bodies before they can actually trust themselves to start lifting weights. Chest workouts can be done for 2-3 months right in the comfort of your own home before availing of yourself a gym membership where you can start lifting heavy weights.

Before going into detail with these home chest workouts, it's important to point out one important feature of a chest workout: You know you're doing it right when you literally feel your chest tightening with each repetition you make. The key to correctly doing your chest workout is to go slow and easy, ensuring that you squeeze your pectoral muscles on top of every movement. This is going to take a lot of conscious effort on your part. The only way to feel that you are getting a full chest workout is to ensure that every squeeze becomes a habit. Feeling each contraction is an integral part of a home chest workout and is a much-needed prerequisite before you actually begin to lift weights. In fact, this is even more important than if you lift weights without feeling the chest squeeze. It simply means you're not doing it right and that's not going to contribute to your goal of getting a stronger, leaner, more massive chest.

Start with something simple for your home chest workout. Pushups are not only the most basic of chest exercises, they're also highly effective. Begin by getting into pushup position, making sure that your weight is evenly distributed between your toes and your hands. Keep your legs, hips and back in a straight line. Lower and raise your body by bending your elbows, making sure that your arm angle is 90° at the bottom of the movement. For a more intense workout, do decline pushups by raising your feet on a bench or a stability ball. This makes your chest muscles work out more. As your body gets more used to the intensity, you can try pushing yourself further by doing one-handed pushups. You can also do wall push ups with a stability ball.

Another home chest workout is the chest press with a resistance band. Find a pillar or sturdy object (like a tree) in or near your home in which you can wrap around the resistance band. Begin by wrapping the resistance around the pillar. Then hold the handles of the band with both hands. With elbows bent and arms parallel to the ground, squeeze the chest and press the arms without locking the elbows. Return to starting position.

You can perform these exercises for the number of sets and repetitions that you feel comfortable in. Don't push yourself out of your comfort zone until you're ready for it. Don't forget to warm up before your workout and cool down afterwards. And always feel burn in your chest at the top of every movement.

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