For those seeking a natural remedy for maintaining healthy joint function and soothing sore muscles the tart cherry is fast becoming the remedy of choice. Thanks to modern food technology, we are now able to understand what makes this ruby red fruit so effective in fighting muscle soreness and assisting in joint health.

Although the tart cherry has long a long track record in folklore history dating back to ancient Roman times, it wasn’t until the 1950’s when science first shed light on the tart cherry. According to a paper published in 1950 in the Texas Reports on Biology and Medicine, the tart cherry helped Dr. Ludwig Blau to leave his wheelchair and walk again.

According to the article, Dr. Blau ate cherries everyday and within a relatively short amount of time, he was able to enjoy a life without a wheelchair as long as he ate cherries. This is the first known scientific report in western medicine to report on the positive impact of the cherries and joint health.

However, the majority of research on this tiny red orb has occurred only in the past decade. Many of the nation’s leading research organizations including Michigan State University, University of Michigan, University of Vermont, University of California Davis and University of Texas have conducted research on the tart cherry and its natural health benefits.

For example, Michigan State University was the first university to research the positive benefits of naturally occurring Anthocyanins in the tart cherry. Anthocyanins are abundant in tart cherries and are responsible for giving the fruit its trademark vibrant red hue. According to research from Michigan State University, eating twenty cherries per day can have a positive effect on joint health.

In regards to soothing sore muscles, both the Oregon Health & Science University and the University of Vermont have conducted research on the muscle soothing abilities of tart cherry juice. In the report published by the University of Vermont indicated participants in a study that drank a cherry juice blend experienced less muscle pain than those who drank the placebo.

Research conducted at Oregon Health & Science University report similar findings. The cherry results were presented in 2009 at the American College of Sports Medicine Conference in Seattle, Washington. The report indicated the participants of the study who drank tart cherry juice while training reported less pain after exercise compared to those who didn’t drink the cherry juice.

The study was conducted on sixty healthy adults ranging in age from 18-50 years of age. Some of the participants were asked to drink 100% pure Montmorency tart cherry juice twice a day. They drank the cherry juice for seven days prior to and on the day of a long-distance relay. Those who drank the Montmorency tart cherry juice reported significantly less pain than those who didn’t drink the juice.
On a scale from 0 to 10, the participants who drank the cherry juice reported a 2 point lower self-appointed pain level at the finish of the race. This pain reduction level is a significant clinical reduction in pain levels.

When compared to consuming fresh cherries, tart cherry juice concentrate is a super charged way to enjoy its health benefits. According to cherry industry experts, it takes the juice of approximately 100 cherries to make just one ounce of tart cherry juice concentrate. One ounce of tart cherry juice concentrate is then reconstituted with seven ounces of water to make one eight ounce glass of cherry juice.

However, unless it is during cherry harvest season in Mid-July you won’t be able to find fresh cherries in your local grocery store. That is why many are turning to other forms of tart cherry products exist including cherry juice concentrate, tart cherry capsules, tart cherry powder and dried tart cherries for the pain reducing benefits of the cherry. So the next time you are searching for a natural way to maintain healthy joint function and soothe sore muscles grab a glass of tart cherry juice or tart cherry capsules.

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