Sakura (scientific name: Cerasus sp.): Is the rosewood cherry is a collection of several plants, cherry trees are trees, 4-16 meters high, bark gray. Branchlets pale purple brown, glabrous, twigs green, sparsely pilose. Winter buds Oval, glabrous Leaf blade elliptic-ovate or obovate, 5-12 cm long, 2.5-7 cm wide, apex acuminate or apex, base rounded, thinly cuneate, sharply serrate, adaxially acuminate, Above the dark green, glabrous, below the pale green, along the veins, are sparsely pilose, lateral veins 7-10 pairs; petiole 1.3-1.5 cm, densely pilose, with 1-2 glands at the top or sometimes gland Body; stipules lanceolate, with plaque glandular teeth, puberulent, caducous.

In the name of “Chinese Flora”, the new name is “Tokyo Cherry Blossom”, also known as “Japanese cherry blossom”, and from March 15 to April 15 of each year is Japan’s “cherry blossom festival”. Sakura varieties are quite numerous, the number of more than three hundred or more, the world a total of about 150 kinds of wild cherry, China has more than 50 kinds. There are about 33 species of wild species of cherry species in the world, native to China. The other is derived from the horticultural hybrids.

Sakura origin of the northern hemisphere temperate ring of the Himalayas region has grown around the world, mainly grown in Japan. Flowers each branch 3 to 5, into an umbrella, petals apex engraved, mostly white, pink. Flowers often in March with the leaves or leaves after the flowering, with the seasons change, cherry color fragrance, commonly used in garden ornamental. Cherry can be divided into two types of a single and double flap, single petals can flowering results, complex flap most of the results.

According to the literature research, two thousand years ago in the Qin and Han Dynasties, cherry has been cultivated in the Chinese Palace. Tang Dynasty cherry has been generally found in the private courtyard. But cherry blossoms at that time are different from Japanese cherry tree.

History of Botany
Origin of China
Sakura originated in China. According to the Japanese authority of the book ” Sakura Dajian ” records, cherry originated in the Himalayas. After being cultivated, this species gradually into the Yangtze River in China, southwest China and the island of Taiwan. Qin and Han Dynasties, the royal family had planted cherry blossoms, dating back more than 2,000 years of cultivation history. Han and Tang Dynasties has been widely planted in a private garden, to the Tang Dynasty, from the Palace Gallery Corridor to the homes of the field, everywhere can be seen gorgeous blooming cherry blossoms, to express a prosperous Huaxia stellar figure. At that time, the nations came to the DPRK, and the Japanese culture was bright and the cherry blossoms were brought back by the Japanese pilgrims with the construction and clothing.

Data research
According to the literature research, two thousand years ago in the Qin and Han Dynasties, cherry has been cultivated in the Chinese Palace. Tang Dynasty cherry has been generally found in the private courtyard. Bai Juyi poem: “also known that the official homes of a non-my house, and dig mountain cherry plantation, on the recent multi-five test, less should be four degrees see the flowers.” And “small new plant red cherry tree, “The poem clearly shows the poet from the mountain back to the wild mountain cherry trees planted in the garden to watch. Ming Dynasty in the poem of the song mentioned cherry: “March rain sound fine, cherry blossom almond blossom”. Tang Meng 诜 of the Compendium of Materia Medica, the definition of Sakura: “This is not cherry, although not peach, with its shape Xiao Tao, Gu Yue cherry.” The name of the name of the mountain cherry: “This cherry common name Li Tao, the former cherry is not peach”.

Song Chengdu County Cheng He Geng of the main features of weeping cherry early description was very real, for future generations to leave valuable evidence. His “Sakura Fu”: “Yu Chengmai Chengdu County Cheng, official home Fang Zhai’s East, cherry tree Yan: the big real small, it’s cooked wretched and more bright red and lovely. The bitter can not eat, although the birds also Abandoned “. Here he describes the real size, and fruit is not eaters are not cherry and must cherish cherry no doubt.

In the Southern Song Dynasty, Wang Seng up to the poem reads: “The initial cherry when the Yan Yan, good tea Zhaoxiang Fang, the leaves of the leaves are not open buds, safflowers have a glow.” From the poem that this cherry is a flower after the red Early flower varieties, young leaves pale and colorful flowers.

Ming Li Shizhen ” Compendium of Materia Medica, ” said: “This small real big, sweet, delicious edible” is also cherry. And according to what he said, “up to the sparse and down” of the sentence, you can conclude that this is clearly a branch of early cherry.
Qing Wu Qijun ” plant name real test “, records: “winter Begonia, born in the mountains of Yunnan … … early winter to open safflower, petals long and round, there is a lack of flowers in the green heart of a ray, and Begonia, cherry flowers are not similar. 春 结 red real long circle, size, such as refers to the constant acid can not eat. “This winter Begonia that winters cherry, and now south of Yunnan stone Ping, built water, Yuanjiang and other places there are many local People still call it “winter beaches”.

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