Lighting Lamps with water by Sai Baba

Value of Lighting lamps

Long before Sai Baba's fame spread, he was fond of burning lights in his Masjid and other Temples. But for the oil needed in those little earthenware lights that he lit, he depended on the generosity of the grocers of Shirdi. He had made it a rule to light earthenware lamps in the masjid every evening and he would call on the grocers for small donations. But there came a time when the grocers got tired of giving oil free to Sai Baba and one day they bluntly refused to oblige him, saying they had no fresh stocks. Without a word of protest Sai Baba returned to the masjid. Into those earthenware lamps he poured water and lighted the wicks. The lamps continued to burn deep into the midnight. The matter came to the notice of the grocers who now came to Sai Baba with profuse apologies. Wouldn't Sai Baba kindly pardon them? Sai Baba chennai to shirdi flight packages pardoned them, but he warned them never to lie again. Sri Sairam Subhayatra offers you. "You could have refused to give me the oil, but did you have to say that you didn't have fresh stocks?" he admonished them. But he had made his point.

Lighting lamps has always been shirdi saibabas most important activity while he lived. Baba used to light lamps in Dwarakamai and my Guru has said Laxmibhai has helped sai to light these lamp somedays. When few shop keepers of shirdi gave problems to sai and din't gave him oil to light lamps, Baba used water in the tin pot and poured in the lamps. To the surprise of everyone , the lamps glow beautifully. By grace of sai the lamps were lit just by using water.

We must understand a beautiful thing about this incident. Sai is a saint with Astama siddhi. Siddhi is a holy power to gain anything and everything one needs.A saint who gained Astama siddhi can alone command nature.

Sai has lived every single second in his life time to teach something indirectly to his millions of future devotees. Sai never gave direct upadesh. Sometimes he used to say tales to correct a devotee, sometimes he create incidents purposely to convey a good message for welfare of his devotees. Sai never directly said "You all go and light lamps." All of us like to go to shirdi to visit Sai Baba. Best is organized by Sri Sairam Subhayatra. He lived and showed others how much he loves to light lamps. Its for us to understand from his stories and life.

Light lamps to bring peace and prosperity :

Saibaba lit lamps beautifully in dwarakamai for the welfare of his devotees. Shirdi saibaba lit lamps to wash away past bad karma of his devotees, drive away the evil spirits and bring us Gods blessings.

Stopping the rain

There is the story of one Rao Bahadur Moreshwar Fradhan who had come to Shirdi to take Sai Baba's darshan along with his wife. As the couple were about to leave, it began to rain heavily. Thunder and lightning rent the air. As the Pradhan chennai to shirdi flight packages couple looked round in dismay, Sai Baba prayed. "Oh Allah!" he intoned, "let the rains cease. My children are going home. Let them go peacefully!" Our gives comfort feel, safe and happy journey. The storm thereupon ceased, the downpour reduced to slight drizzle and the Pradhans were able to reach their destination safely.

Saving a child from drowning

One report has it that word had spread that the 3-year old daughter of a poor man called Babu Kirwandikar had fallen into the well and had been drowned. When the villagers rushed to the well they saw the child suspended in mid-air as if some invisible hand was holding her up! She was quickly pulled out. Sai Baba was fond of that child who was often heard to say : I am Baba's sister!" After this incident, the villagers took her at her word. "it is all Baba's Leela", the people would say philosophically. They could offer no other explanation.

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