Valuable Lessons of Sai Baba

Beyond the miracles of Baba, there is one bright, marvelous fact, worthy of people’s adoration and that is, his golden heart of love with its message of universal love. Baba loved all - Hindus, Moslems, Christians, and Buddhists, the learned and the illiterate, the poor and the rich, the priest and the criminal - alike. His message to all his devotees is ‘Love ye, one another, as I love you all’.

Baba declared that if people hated one another, his heart was smarting with pain and sorrow and if persons forgave enemies and endured the ill-treatment, he was highly please. This is the most valuable lesson for this day and for all time. A story is told in Bhagavatha of the world going as a cow to Brahma, groaning under the weight of the cruel Asuras harassing innocent people. That is just the spectacle all over the world to day. Hatred, destruction, plunder, and absolute disregard for truth and virtue, are the chennai to shirdi flight packages predominant features in the daily history of the world to-day. Man’s claws and teeth are red with the gore of brother man; and the criminal is not apologetic but blatant. Civilisation is in imminent danger of being submerged in pools of human blood and devastating fire leaving the human form a fossil to be discovered within some rocks by some later race. Sri Sairam Subhayatra offers you. The only thing that can avert this doom is love, a revival of the very ancient message to Asuras from God ‘Dayadhwam’ i.e., ‘Be merciful’.

Baba’s whole life was an illustration of how this divine message could be carried out in life, and the more Baba’s message is heeded, circulated, and preached, the greater is the hope for humanity avoiding the threatened catastrophe.

One species of miraculous achievements wrought by Baba for the benefit of his devotees is the blessing given for issue. Whenever Baba blessed anybody and said that there would be issue, invariably the lady brought forth the child, either male or female, in twelve months, exactly as stated by Baba.

In 1886, Baba died his first death. One day when sitting along with his devotee Mahisapathy in the Dwaraka Mayi (as his mosque was named by him), Baba said that he was going to Allah and that consequently for three days his body was to be looked after for, after that period, he might return to the body, and that in case he did not do so, the body should be interred near the mosque. Presently Baba’s body became a corpse. An inquest was held over the same and the officer holding the inquest insisted on Mahlsapathy burying the body. But Mahlsapathy vehemently opposed the proposal and succeeded in preventing the internment. On the fourth day, Baba’s body revived and for thirty-two years thereafter, Baba worked through that living fleshy case and finally left it on the 15th October, 1981, with the same prescience and clear control over all the circumstances which he showed in 1886. This leaving of the body at will and returning to it at pleasure is an art, a siddhi, described in the Yoga Sastras; and Baba’s exercise of such powers convinced and would convince many of the truth of the Sastras.

One noticeable feature of Baba’s life after his return to the body was that he began to encourage the arrival of bhaktas to his feet. Evidently the object of his return to his body was to carry out his mission more fully and for a longer period on earth, especially with reference to the devotees and others bound to him by former ties, rinanubandha.

Baba’s own miraculous personality surviving his release from his physical body has however been the principal reason for the success of all this propaganda. His power is still working and by reason of that along, myriads in Madras and other Presidencies have become firm adherents to, and worshippers of, Baba. The faith is well grounded in the experience showered upon them now as liberally and miraculously, as they were showered before Baba’s passing away. Baba’s figure is occasionally seen by, and his wondrous powers are manifested to, those that have the necessary faith, at any place, as Baba has no partiality and his grace cannot be the monopoly of any person or place. All of us like to go to shirdi to visit Sai Baba. Best is organized by Sri Sairam Subhayatra. Wonders are being worked by him today at various places and therefore Sai Mandirs have sprung up in many of them.

Real Facts of Sai Baba

Baba, however, is not a mere worker of miracles. He is a Samartha Sadguru. He applies miracles or miraculous means to fill with faith and gratitude the hearts of devotees. Gratitude soon turns into love and then Baba’s real work is seen. Baba purifies the hearts of all of the dross of low attachments and their consequences, and gradually raises the devotees’ souls to loftier and still loftier states of being, till they finally merge into himself. People begin with the notion that Baba is a kind provider of all that they need and in fact resort to him to have their temporal needs satisfied. But they discover (at least many do) that Baba is after all their Ishtamurthi, their own Rama or Siva, the God of their fathers who has now taken a new shape to carry out the ancient divine plan of the Universe, and that ‘God fulfils himself in many ways lest one good custom should corrupt the world’.

Baba’s antecedents as mentioned already were revealed by himself. Even after they are fully considered, still the question must be deemed doubtful whether he was a Hindu or a Moslem. But (Janma or Jathi) by actual birth, he was of Brahmin parents, and hence by a very large number of persons, he is considered to be a Brahmin. But according to Baba’s own statement, he was handed over in his very infancy to a fakir who brought him up for about five years according to Islamic faith. After the death of the fakir, Baba was handed over to a Brahmin Guru by name Sri Gopal Rao Deshmukh of ‘Venkusa’. The stay of ten years under this Guru and the marvelous initiation into divinity by the Guru’s purna kripa, ought to clear all doubts, and establish that Baba was Brahmin or at least a Brahmin.

But as fate would have it, the Guru after conferring upon Baba his purnakripa and raising him to divinity, directed him to go westwards and Baba had to spend the rest of his life in a mosque moving with all alike as an ativarnasrami, i.e., one beyond all caste rules. We do not know what an expert lawyer would conclude as to Baba’s caste in these circumstances. But whatever that may be, to those who considered him a Moslem, he responded as a Moslem and to those who cared to treat him as a Hindu, he responded as a Hindu; and he expounded the Koran to the former and the Sastras to the latter. By the Hindus, he has been worshipped as Ramavatara or Sriman Narayana for so many decades while others treated him as merely human. This reminds us of an incident about Krishna. When Sri Krishna went with Balarama and others to a yagasala and wanted food, the Brahmins were wondering whether they could offer the food prepared for gods to Krishna, who appeared to have been born in a Kshatriya family but brought up among (Vysias) cowherds. He was regarded as God by many, but the Brahmins were doubtful about his caste. By reason of their ignorance (ajanna) they offered no food at all to Krishna. Then Sri Krishna sent word to the ladies, who ran up all at once with great devotion and gave up all that they had prepared for the Gods to him whom they considered as the God of Gods. Exactly the same chennai to shirdi flight packages thing happens now. Our gives comfort feel, safe and happy journey. Persons whose pious leanings render they easily attracted to such great souls as Baba run up to Baba and never bother their heads over questions of his Jathi or caste, and like the Brahmin ladies, deserved and obtain the highest blessings while many doubting Thomasses (samscyatmas) even of the highest castes, go on debating endlessly about the question of the caste to which a holy man belongs and lose their chance of benefiting themselves here and hereafter.

It depends a great deal upon once’s poorva sambanda or rinanubhanda whether one is attracted by Sri Krishna or Sri Sai; it may be noted that persons wish to discuss this question of caste only when their feelings have not been roused. But when one is in intense pain or great trouble, his heart leaps out with the request, ‘Baba, help me’, never minding a brass pin as to where Baba was born or how he was brought up; and once he receives innumerable and miraculous benefits, he gets perfectly convinced that Baba is God to him, whatever he may be to others and he cares not for discussions as to the legal position regarding Baba’s caste. Baba himself used to say at times to such Hindus as considered him a Moslem: “I am a Moslem, don’t come to me” and to persons who regarded him as Sad Guru or Guru-God: ‘I am a Brahmin. Give me dakshina. This place wherein I am sitting is not a mosque; it is a Brahmin’s mosque; it is Dwaraka Mayee’. He was everything to everyone.

Apart from Baba’s caste, some persons raise the question whether he was a Brahmagnani and if so how he happened to perform miracles.
Sai Baba’s leelas were purely unmotivated by desire. His whole life in the flesh was one continuous self-sacrifice for the sake of humanity. In serving Man, he was serving God; and he advised his devotees to do the same.

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