Chemical face peels –– blotchy, red and irritated skin coming to mind? you'll have heard horror stories about the chemical face peel, it’s got the word peel in it for a start, but the truth may be a chemical peel is essentially an exfoliator that just goes deeper than a standard home scrub. think about a peel as lifting the dead skin off your face whilst leaving you refreshed, rejuvenated and relaxed.
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How does it work?
Regular exfoliation is vital for the skin but a chemical peel goes that one step further. Sure, we all placed on a mask from time to time within the hope that we’ll get up following morning feeling 10 years younger with flawless skin but it doesn’t always happen; this is often where the chemical face peel comes in.
If you’re looking to cut back the looks of acne, wrinkles or fine lines then the chemical face peel is for you. During the method liquids are brushed onto the face to get rid of dead skin cells and stimulate the expansion of latest cells. Your skin will experience some excessive dryness but this doesn’t usually happen until 2-4 days after, the face will start to ‘peel’ but by day 5 you must be good to travel with glowing and smooth skin.
The different kinds of chemical face peel
So what’s the affect the peel? generally there are three sorts of peel: superficial, medium and deep. the value of a light face peel are often anywhere in between £60-£100 with a deep peel even going over £500 sometimes . The deeper peel of course has longer lasting effects but it are often painful and present more risks.
Although there are three main kinds of peel, there are many specific sorts of peels within these categories. hooked in to the sort of results you would like , one among our practitioners will advise you on the most effective course of action.
Here at Origopharma we provide both non-prescription chemical peels and prescription chemical peels. If you’re looking to urge eliminate that red, inflamed skin then try an enzyme peel but if you’re trying to stop ageing and discolouration then select a glycolic acid peel.
Chemical peels are often wont to target multiple skin conditions including: acne, post-breakout marks, pigmentation, fine lines, age spots, uneven skin tone, dryness and wrinkles. All you would like to try and do is chat to your practitioner about which one is best for you.
Do I want to try and do anything before I are available for a chemical face peel?
The short answer? Yes. Try to not wax or shave 2-4 days before also as avoiding the sun beds for 2 weeks. Before you receive treatment confirm that you simply avoid products that contain AHA (alpha hydroxy acid)/BHAs (beta hydroxy acid) for 4 days before. Your exfoliants should say what they contain on the packet. If you’re in the least unsure, ask us first. As a general rule of thumb don’t try any exfoliation techniques 14 days before your treatment.
Do I want to try and do anything after I receive a chemical face peel?
Some people are deterred from the chemical face peel thanks to the post treatment side effects which will occur but as long as you follow our advice you shouldn’t inherit any complications. Wash your face with cleanser every morning and night followed by moisturizing but take care to not over-do it with the moisturizer as you would like to permit the method of skin peeling.
Just like before the treatment, avoid using any sun beds, facial treatments, hot tubs, swimming pools, steam rooms, saunas or anything that causes excess perspiration for the subsequent 7 days. So as to assist hydration confirm you drink a minimum of 2 liters of water each day .
Still not convinced?
A chemical face peel is one among the safest ways to treat acne, fine lines, discolouration and more! It’s natural to worry over something you’ve never tried before but if you’re trying to find an exfoliator that basically works enter for a free consultation. You'll even invite a little skin test to ascertain how your skin will respond.
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