In today's busy life it is quite obvious that we cannot do all the work ourselves. So, instead of just playing around and messing things up, we have to rely on experts in various niches to get things done for us. Having an expert do things we don’t know how to do takes away that extra burden so we can focus on other things which we are good at and be more productive. This works for 'Upholstery Cleaning' too.

Upholstery cleaning is the process of cleaning fabric on sofas, settees and armchairs in your home. This requires specialized equipment and great deal of expertise and know-how. If you try to do a DIY job with detergent or shampoo you may end up messing things up and regret it later.

But finding the right expert or service provider can be challenging. To choose the right expert or company we must know and take care of a few things. Here is a checklist of what an Upholstery Cleaning Expert or Service provider should have.

1. Must be professional and have verifiable references - The first thing you should check is whether the guy or the company you're hiring is professional and have references. To check this you can check their previous work or do a reference check or simply go to their website and see verifiable references given to them on TrustPilot or TrustList.

2. Must carry most advanced upholstery cleaning machinery - It goes without saying that the provider must have the most advanced and latest machinery to carry out the upholstery cleaning work. You may ask them to show what machinery they use.

3. Must use best quality cleaning agents, disinfectants and deodorizers - This is another important aspect you should keep in mind and check with the service provider. Good quality cleaning agents, disinfectants and deodorizers are very important and it makes sure you get the best work. Also, please make sure they use sanitizer and deodorizer on every clean.

4. Must provide free no-obligation quote with no hidden cost - You may seek and compare quotes from two or more providers just to make sure you get the quote you are aiming at and choose the best one. It is also to be kept in mind that the quote does not have any hidden fee so you should confirm it with the service provider.

5. Must be local to you - This is another important thing you should consider. A provider far away from you may give you a higher quote as there may be time delay due to distance. So, it is always better to hire an expert who is near to you.

6. Must guarantee 100% satisfaction or full refund - If a service provider is giving you a 100% satisfaction or full refund guarantee then it is quite obvious that the provider has full faith in his ability and you can hire him for your work.

As a personal reference I can suggest you to go for AAAclean ( if you are living in and around Kent and East Sussex. I've been using them for the last few years and I've found them very trustworthy and their services exceptionally good.

If you're not near to Kent and East Sussex or live outside UK you can still find the best one using the checklist above.

This is all from me. If you find this article useful or have any question, please write to me in the comment section below.

Have a wonderful day and keep great care of yourselves!

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