Hey, don’t you think that Dating red flags are an obstacle to a healthy relationship?

In brief, a red flag in dating is something that is never to be ignored. Dishonesty, insecurity, avoidance, and Co-dependence are some signs of an unhealthy relationship. Dating red flags in a guy can be different from that of a woman. It will be advisable not to mix the two.

5 Red flags in dating which are essential to be noted-

Before I dive into 5 dating red flags, let me preface that the most obvious Red flags in dating are not listed. For instance- cheating, physical abuse, etc.

Some surprisingly common Dating red flags are to be noted while starting dating someone-

  • They De-Motivate you- A good relationship always lifts you rather than knocking down. Date someone who likes you for you. Besides, treats you like a royalty period.
  • They don’t support or listen to you- Tell me, is there any point in dating if the partner never pays attention to your words? Or they don’t support your goals. You share your dream of running a company, and they laugh at your feelings? Of course, no, and it will be a wise decision if such signs are to be noted before this Dating red flag cost you.
  • They get too personal very soon- Opening up to someone new is not bad. However, you are not supposed to all come out on your first date. No doubt that the come out of all personal stuff at once displays clinginess and neediness. Finally, if such dating red flags are noticed on the first date, which makes it a therapy session, it is advised to get out ASAP.
  • You are on a date, not in a job interview- Some potential partners start asking a lot of questions by you. Isn’t so? Such Red flags in dating can’t be ignored. You have gone on a date, not in the company’s presentation or a private job interview. It’s worth it if you start solving your queries also with the same. The efforts will be an indication that they open up about themselves or go back to Red flags in dating.
  • Only canceling, no re-scheduling of plans- Be honest to reply; self-respect matters when it comes to Red flags in dating. Am I right? Yes, I agree with you that sometimes plans have to be canceled to stay at work late. However, if the date is canceled without informing about the re-scheduling date, it was just a Dating red flag, and you can’t ignore it.

If it continues several times, then it is a sign of disinterest, and for self-respect, it’s better to stop sending the follow-up texts from next time.

Dating red flags are necessary to be aware of your safety. Red flags in dating are the warning signs of an unhealthy or abusive relationship. Following signs are to be noted that you are on the right path or you are dating a bucket of red flags-

  • On your first date, they are constantly busy on their phone
  • The partner is being noncommittal
  • They only reach you when they need you

To conclude, red flags in dating are hard to recognize. For your inner peace and satisfaction, point out the behavior of partner for you in various places. If you find it out the same as that in his home, then I bet you are on the right path.


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