Even though people often consider the wall decors to be the crucial interior décor items, the concept is partly biased. No matter how elegant the walls look in your home, you do need to pay close attention to the small details of the floor area. And, truth be told, nothing can ever make the floors look marvelous than a beautiful door mat

When you try to buy an online door mat, every single piece seems to be identical, isn’t it? Well, if we speak from the perspective of an interior designer, there are minute differences between these mats. Be it in the purpose or the material with which they are constructed, the door mats can be categorized into several types. 

And today we are going to study those classifications of the door mats online

Door Mat Classification Based on Materials 

The first classification that you have to study is that of the materials which are used for the manufacturing of the door mats. Based on these materials, the thickness, pile height, and to some extent, the features vary. So, studying is very important and the primary job you need to do. 

  • Coir mats: coir mats are made from natural fibers and hence they are eco-friendly. The rough surface of the mat helps in removing dirt and grime from the shoes or bare feet. As a result, you can use it dually- for indoors and also for outdoors. 
  • Microfiber: microfiber doormats online are made from a mix of polyester and small microfibers. This polymeric combination makes the mats plush and enhances the absorbing capacity. Hence, they are perfect for the indoors where the mats absorb the dirt, water, or even snow. 
  • Cast iron: in this type of mat, the base is made from a durable sheet of wrought iron or cast iron, hence making the mat resilient and robust. The upper surface is made from the soft substance so that your feet can feel the delicacy. 
  • Rubber: the rubber door mats online are made from eco-friendly elements and hence no harm will come to your pets or kids. The best part of the rubber material is that they can absorb water and thus, it is the best choice for rainy areas. 

Door Mats Categorized Based on Features

The next categorization of the door mats is based on the features. Even though most of the mats have some common features, one or two features are there which are unique, making the mat special. For example: 

  • Weather resistant: the weather resistant mats are specially designed for areas where the weather fluctuates a lot. Since mats cannot withstand too much rain or sunlight, the weather resistant feature enhances their endurance level. 
  • Eco-friendly door mats: these mats are made from natural fibers which enhance the robust nature of the door mats online. Since they are made from natural fibers, you won’t have to face any issue with pets or toddlers around. 
  • Non-slippery mats: from the name itself you can imagine that these doormat designs have anti-slippery property. As a result, they can be used in the kitchens and also in the bathrooms where the slipping tendency is greatest. 

Design Based Door Mats

When it comes to the design-based doormats online, you will have abundant options. The variation in the designs is the results of: 

  • Embroidery 
  • Fabric tuft 
  • Border fringes 
  • Patterns and colors of the mats


Choosing the best online door mat is indeed a perilous task in itself and that’s why this guide will help you to gain some more knowledge about the seemingly familiar door mats. Before buying, make sure you are choosing the correct material with the needed feature so as to prevent repenting in the future. 

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