Choosing between staying with cheating partners or calling a divorce lawyer – is one of the first dilemmas in the tortured and suffering mind of the betrayed spouse. You don’t know what to do and dozens of different reasons for both directions – flood your head all together. Here you will discover how to find the right answer and what questions you should ask yourself as you whether to seek marriage help, or divorce.

Should You Stay or Should You Go?

If the mental shock of finding out about an affair is not enough – Thinking about divorce is another devastating phase you seem to have to go through. It’s like a blow to your gut. Emotionally speaking, a crisis in marriage is second only to dealing with death of a loved one. When your relationship is at such a low point and you are angrier that you gave ever been in your life – Divorce seems like the “natural” solution. But, that is not necessarily true, even if you think that it’s the only way to salvage your lost pride and self confidence. Also, if you haven’t even tried to solve your problems with your cheating partners before the divorce – You may regret it for the rest of your life. This is a LIFE CHANGING decision.

Here Are The Most Important Questions You Should Ask Yourself:

Is your spouse regretting the affair and is sorry for the pain he caused?
Has your spouse ended the affair for sure?
Has your spouse said that he wants to work out your problems and save your relationship?
Is your spouse willing to try marriage counseling?
Does your spouse still love you?

If most of the answers to these questions are YES – Saving your marriage and choosing marriage counseling over divorce is definitely recommended and possible

What Should You Do if Your Spouse Won’t Go to Counseling?

Many of the cheating partners do NOT want to go to marriage counseling: They are afraid of being judged, not ready to reveal the details and even humiliated. But if your spouse is willing to try an alternative to marriage counseling, such as relationship-building exercises, than there is still hope for you and your marriage.

Decided Not To Divorce Yet? This is What to Do Next

Marriage counseling is not always so easy – Sure, it is the only way to build your relationship back because (and don’t be fooled) – You CAN’T do this alone. But sometimes your spouse won’t go to a counselor, and many times it is very expensive and we just can’t afford to pay 200$ a week for every session.

There are excellent alternatives to marriage counseling – Some of them are free and some are much less expensive – and they could save your marriage – Even if you think there is no hope and your spouse doesn’t cooperate. Cheating partners are often much more open to this kind of marriage help.

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