There are two or more kinds of hair transplant techniques; the cheapest among them is (FUT) Follicular Unit transplant or Striped Surgery. There is a slight difference between the cost of hair transplant strategies. The doctor decides the costs of the operation after diagnosing the pattern of baldness of the patient. The number of grafts utilized is the key factor in determining the cost of a hair transplant.
Follicular Unit Extractions costs a little more than Follicular unit striped surgery. So, the cheapest hair transplant is follicular unit striped surgery. Direct Hair implantation costs more than these both hair transplantation techniques. The surgeon needed for DHI must be an expert. The hair transplant techniques cost significantly more to increase hair over the entire scalp, rather than in just one or two small regions so that the amount of hair being moved links with the cost. The experienced and expert surgeon demands a high amount for the therapy. As it is a delicate case so; everyone wants to expertise to hold their case. Some clinics offer financing options plans to help spread the cost; we should notice the whole situation and check whether the amount is added to the overall cost. The costs of hair transplants vary as it depends upon the procedure too. There are different types of hair restoration techniques, and the cost is charged as per techniques. In Pakistan, costs range from 75000 to 150000 Pakistan rupees. The costs of hair transplants vary as it depends upon the procedure too. FUT procedure of hair transplant Costs 40 thousand to 1 lac in Pakistan, while; FUE procedure costs 75 thousand to 1 lac and 50 thousand. Follicular unit transplant is also known as strip harvesting. The recovery period of this procedure is 2 weeks. It is a permanent solution to baldness. It is a minor, safe, and effective procedure. The length of the strip, in this technique, length of the strip ranges from 10 centimeters to 25 centimeters. It depends upon the donor area of the scalp. FUT leaves a linear scar, while; FUE does not leave scars. Follicular unit extraction is preferred, but it costs too much. Follicular Unit Extraction is a form of hair transplant strategy that includes the removal of hairs from the donor regions. It is a long-term solution that is commonly used by people looking for a cure for receding hairline. Firstly, the donor area is shaved in this process. After shaving, the numbering will be administered. The patient must be relaxed during surgical treatment. With the help of a pair of tweezers, the surgeon removes each follicle. It is then placed on a dish, and a 1 to 3 mm hole is created in the scalp. After this, the hair follicle is then implanted into the scratch. Depending upon the number of grafts, the process is continued. When there will be fewer grafts, it will be the cheapest hair transplant.
The cheapest hair transplant is offered by Turkey, UAE, Lithuania, Poland, and India. The costs may change depending upon the clinic's price policy. The average hair transplant cost in Turkey is €1.800. In Poland, €2.000 and in Hungary it costs €1.800. Hence, we come to know that turkey offers the cheapest hair transplant. It is reported that more than 750,000 medical tourists from all over the world choose Turkey for treatment annually. Turkey attracts people all over the world because of the best packages and affordable prices for everyone. In Turkey, for the best and cheapest hair transplant, we can choose;
 Adem and Havva Medical Centre
 Istanbul Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
 Estetik International Clinic
 Salus Hair transplantation Clinic
These medical clinics are verified, and more than 500 patients choose them for the hair transplant. Chennai, the part of India, has become a famous place to receive hair transplant surgery. Chennai has few clinics offering basic transplant for as low as 30 thousand. The clinics offering hair transplant in Chennai are the following:
• Derma Meda Spa the Skin clinic (avg 45000)
• Pearl Health (Average 35000)
• Raj Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery (avg 48000)
Overall, we conclude that Follicular unit Striped surgery is the cheapest hair transplant type; all over the world. Follicular unit Extraction costs little more than it. Direct hair implantation technique costs high amount than both. FUT is the cheapest hair transplant as compared to FUE due to the ease of doing the treatment. The follicular unit extraction needs special instruments and an expert surgeon. Extraction of the hair follicles is not the only criteria, quality is also considered. The people around the world prefer FUE, because there is a slight difference between costs, and there is no chance of linear scars. If you want to know more detail, click

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