Ecuador cheap hotels will assist you to save a lot money, no matter if you'd like to explore this astounding country on a budget or just would like to see one country for as little as possible. Cheap hotels in Ecuador are one of the top motives budget travelers plan vacation in Ecuador. Some travelers might make the joke that all accommodation here is cheap, but that doesn’t take into account the range of options that are available. With a little extra money in your budget, you may stay in 4- or 5-star hotels.

Some travelers don’t expect this inexpensive accommodation to stretch to the capital city, but this simply isn’t true. Cheap hotels in Quito are just as famous as these are in different areas of the country, and you'll find more to choose from. If you’re only trying to find a place to rest your head and price range is quite important, hostels can be an excellent option for you. This type of accommodation has been welcoming backpackers and budget travelers for decades. Expect dorm rooms and also a lack of amenities. These hostels are usually described as “low cost and cheerful”—the decision is up to you if that is a fine fit with your plans.

However, note that for the same price as a hostel bed in Europe, Ecuador hotels can offer you own private hotel room, generally having a bathroom. That means no snoring strangers in the middle of the night or sharing the rest room with too many people. If you’re looking for cheap Quito hotels, stick to one- or 2-star options. These can effortlessly be found by searching online.

Beyond cheap hotels in Quito, there are plenty of reasonable choices for accommodation in other areas of the country as well. The largest city in the country, Guayaquil has turn into more well-known among the tourists in recent years. On the other hand it's the only place in the country that offers direct flights to the Galapagos Island, except Quito. As a result of this fact and city rejuvenation in current years, more travelers are sticking around to check out the local scene. You could find plenty of low-cost hotels, hostels and bed and breakfasts in Guayaquil if you’re looking to save some cash for the duration of your Ecuador vacation.

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