Cheap hair transplant is a priority of some patients because hair transplant is an expensive surgery. Hair fall is a common problem that people of every country and age are facing this problem. There are many factors associated with appearance like self- confidence and self-esteem. With appearance, hair fall also affects a person. Hair transplant is a surgical solution to this problem. The surgeon extracts the hair follicles from dense hair areas typically from the back of the head and transplants them at the recipient site. This surgery is performed by two methods, including follicular unit extraction and follicular unit transplantation. The major difference of both types of surgery is their method of extraction. Follicular unit transplantation is also called unit strip surgery. The strip of skin is extracted from the back of the head containing hair fall while in follicular unit extraction hair follicles are extracted one by one with a micro punch tool.
Hair transplant surgery depends on many factors which increase and decrease its cost. If a patient wants to get 100% results, he will have to pay an even higher price as it is an expensive treatment, but to spare such an amount is not easy for every person. So some people prefer to go for cheap hair transplants. Now, the question is what factors make the hair transplant cheap? These factors include the center you choose. Every center has its own reputation and quality of services. So, if a patient chooses a center of high reputation and excellent services, it will charge even higher than estimated. So, if you want the hair transplant to be done at low cost, you should look for the clinic providing good services at a good rate. Another major factor is the number of hairs that are being transplanted. In low cost hair transplant, you may get relatively less number of grafts transplanted. Another factor is the doctor you visit. Experienced doctors charge more as compared to the Fresher’s. There are possibilities of infection and damage of canals as this treatment involves a large number of tiny incisions. You can compromise over a doctor. Every patient should go for the experienced doctor. Cost also varies with the countries. There are some countries that are considered best for this treatment, including Turkey, UAE, Lithuania, Poland and India. Here the surgery is performed at a cheap rate with good facilities.
Along with that question comes, does cheap hair transplant really worth it? Specialist hair transplant surgeons have warned that the people should contact a qualified cosmetic surgeon instead of going to the low rate doctor. It is critical treatment and while a transplanting doctor has to notice angle, direction, density and proper cleanliness which unprofessional doctors can provide all together and can spread skin diseases, face distortion and hepatitis. Sometimes saving money is not a good option. Cheap hair transplant from an unqualified doctor can be dangerous and result in bad hair transplant. Bad hair transplant means that the hair restoration surgery did not turn out so well and cause infection at any one or both donor and recipient site. It may also give an unnatural or patchy look. The success rate of this surgery is relatively low.
Cheap hair transplant is not much appreciated because of its success rate. The cost of a hair transplant may be a pivotal criterion to have the procedure or not for some patients. In most of the cases, hair restoration is not covered by insurance, so all the expenses patients pay themselves. So, a high price of hair transplant operation forces people to look for cheaper options, but there are some factors that cannot be overlooked in this treatment to avoid complications. If you are searching for the cheap hair transplant in Lahore, then you may click and see before & after results

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