Choosing the art to put up on the walls of your home, or to give as a gift, is a tricky business because, ideally, you want to be able to find something which will look as good in ten years time as it does the day you first hang it up. Until now, cheap canvas prints have tended to represent a poor choice, both in terms of the quality of their construction and the type and variety of images available.

Finding a piece of art which is just right for your home, or the home of a friend or loved one, means much more than finding something which will fit into the space available without clashing with any other fixtures or fittings. Like it or not, the art which you choose sends messages to the rest of the world about the kind of person you wish to be perceived as, and the tastes and foibles you have, and that’s why having to select from the mass produced prints available can be so frustrating.

Take a look through the racks of prints for sale in places like art shops, decorating retailers and even galleries, and you’ll see the same images or type of images over and over again; black and white photographs of the New York skyline, pop art style portraits of film stars and so on. Even if you do find something which seems a little bit more original, you’ll have to face up to the fact that possibly hundreds of other people have opted for exactly the same image. Of course, not everyone can afford to commission some artist to produce an original work, and very few people have the skills required to create one of their own, but the ease and user-friendliness of digital photography mean that it is now possible for anyone with a collection of digital photographs to create their own photo canvas.

Perhaps you’ve always wanted a family portrait, but thought that the kind of stiff poses usually found in the work of professionals were a long way off the relaxed happiness of family life which you’d hoped to capture. Well now you can select your favorite photograph of your kids together, having fun playing perhaps, and turn it into a top quality, full sized work of art. The process of creating online canvas prints has been made as simple as it possibly can be. Whether you are a keen amateur photographer eager to show case their work, someone tired of the art which is commercially available or simply want the adore-mentioned family portrait, all that you need to do is upload the image of your choice and then design your canvas. If you’ve ever ordered online photo prints then you will know exactly what to do and, even if not, the software has been designed to take you through the process step by step, letting you tweak the size, shape and framing of your image.

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Once you’re totally happy, your print will be created, using artist quality canvas prints and state of the art printing technology. Once printed, it will be stretched over a strong solid wooden frame, using the ‘wrap around’ technique favoured by leading galleries. With every pixel reproduced perfectly, your print will be wipe clean and won’t fade in sunlight, which means that it will pass the test of looking just as good when you’ve had it for ten years, as it does when you first unwrap it.