"Mitragyna Speciosa" or in layman’s term kratom is used all over the world because of its medicinal properties. They are used as pain killers and also for sedation and stimulation. With the help to buy kratom, chronic pain treatment has become quite easy. The main usage of kratom is seen in the treatment of opioid withdrawal. Kratom is used as a substitute for opium and they play an important role in the opium withdrawal that too without any withdrawal symptoms. The medicinal uses of kratom are because of the presence of certain chemicals called alkaloids in their leaves. Alkaloids are volatile and highly potent chemicals that possess certain medicinal properties. Some of the major alkaloids present in kratom include mitragynine, mitraphylline, and 7- hydroxy mitragynine. These and some more alkaloids are found in the maximum amount only when this tree grows in its native area, south East Asia. When grown under experimental conditions or under a greenhouse facility, Mitragyna is not found to deliver the maximum results. The quality of kratom capsules under such situations is affected due to the low production of potent alkaloids. That increases the demand for the original native kratom.

From the viewpoint of a consumer, the quality, availability, and affordability of kratom are very important. Though one can find cheap kratom for sale in various stores, it is difficult to get good quality. An answer to this is achieved through Bali kratom, which is affordable for all and at the same time of supreme quality. Bali kratom, as named based on the place of origin, is mostly sold as regular, super, and premium varieties. They represent one of the most potent varieties of kratom strains that are cost-friendly for the consumer. All these peculiarities make this variety of kratom widespread.

Each strain of kratom is unique in their properties and this leads to the development of varieties in kratom. Bali leaves come in darker shades, with more green owing to higher chlorophyll content. This is dried form becomes dark brown in color. In comparison to paler strains of kratom, Bali kratom shows high growth rates. Red, green and white vein varieties of Bali kratom are available. This differentiation is based on the color of the vein the leaf possesses. Of the three varieties, red vein varieties show faster growth with higher potency. They find their use as pain killers and for the treatment of stress. Green vein varieties in comparison to red vein types are less analgesic as well as less sedating. But this type is a good choice for anxiety relief. It is quite difficult to find out the white strain varieties of high quality. They possess the least amount of qualities than the other two. To end up with the expected result, it is mandatory to arrive at the proper dosage. Though general guidelines of dosage are available, it is always better to find out own requirement with the help of trial. The trial needs to be done by starting with a small dose. Once the dosage is set, Bali kratom serves the most affordable and potential kratom for a user.

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