The Challenges:

Challenge 1: Eating again – Sugar Awareness

Challenge 2: Food is fuel, food is just fuel

Challenge 3: The 80/20 approach – Balance & moderation,
The sugar connection

Challenge 4: Shopping from a list - taking control of what you buy

Challenge 5: Mindful and slowing the pace

Challenge 6: Re-feeding the body, healing the mind

Challenge 7: Flexibility, options, flow, intimacy & mindfulness

Challenge 8: Chasing hunger for the last time: Forgiveness

Challenge 9: Gratitude and thankfulness - My wellness path

90 Day Recovery short notes
Just the Challenges short notes
Notes from others that have made this journey
Recommended Reading
Accessing the MP3s, Chasing Hunger, Affirmations Cards

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About the Author
Kathy Welter-Nichols is an author, certified clinical hypnotherapist, master hypnotist, NLP master practitioner and licensed trainer. She is focused on personal development, high performance coaching taking women into their personal place of power, gain clarity about what they really want, through coaching, private one on one sessions, products and related training. She is the co-creator of Mastery of Deep Trance States®, a certified birth educator, creator of the bulimia breakthrough method™, and my birth my way.