The main causes of poor dental health include; Tobacco Chocolate or other sugary food and drinks. When combined with general oral neglect serious problems are caused for your teeth. Dentistry is constantly being innovated as more and more research is conducted, on how best we can look after our teeth and how best our dentists can administer treatment.


For teeth whose problems are crooked or ‘curved’ teeth there are many forms of orthodontic treatment which can help to improve the smile and or any other complications that are caused by. Among these are Invisalign. The most common form of orthodontic treatment are the tradition metal ones which re align teeth by constant pressure.

Alignment with plugs:

During the procedure, you can expect attachments to be added to the teeth, you can expect to use a plastic aligner along with bite ramps. Invisalign uses gradual pressure unlike metallic ones.

The Pain:

The level of pain entirely depends on the condition of the teeth prior to treatment. Of course, individual pain thresholds differ; what might be painful for some might not be painful for others. The buttons or plugs, when attached to teeth, does not cause problems for the patient. Attaching and removing buttons have no issue and its not painful. The invisalign tags or buttons are polished off at the end of the treatment, they do not cause any damage to the tooth. In some cases; due to neglect, decay might begin to form around the buttons or teeth causing pain.


It is important for a patient to have some knowledge of Invisalign before undergoing treatment. Your orthodontist will always provide you with comprehensive information, with a chance to ask questions and have them answered accordingly.


Aligners can feel tight or uncomfortable at first, this is transient; subsiding once the patient becomes accustomed to the sensation.

Last stage of treatment:

The last process of removing aligners has many different levels of pain. The glue plugging the buttons gets hard. The plugging gets deep into the teeth and becomes difficult to remove. The glue remains sticks to the teeth causing problems for teeth during eating. Sometimes it creates speaking problems for patient but rarely.


The information the patient get about the treatment will help him to decide the best option for the cure according to the advice of your orthodontist. The orthodontists are experts in their line so it does not mean that you avoid their advice and take the decision only depending on your information. The excess of anything is fatal and the same applies to information so do not go deeper into your informational knowledge as the alignment process for thousands of patients is straightforward without complication and for most it is not painful at all.

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