As it says "Put one negative person in a room full of happy people and that person will absorb all the happiness right out them." If we start looking then we find more discontent, complaining and sad people in this world is compared to the opposite personality. Being happy is always in our control but its human nature to focus on what we don’t or can’t have. Being happy is not as self love it's about the love you give to the people and find happiness inside the real things. You can find happiness if you look at the right place but you failed due to lack of focus and control. Here are some of the top characteristics of chronically unhappy people.

Inability to Move On

If you want to be happy you need to learn the art of move on. A situation that every person struggle with it day in and day out. An unhappy person cannot let go, they hold it on and holding the feeling make their life sad and stressed. We try to chase people, situations, events and do everything to make it as you want and it destroys you from inside with leaving you extremely anxious and insecure. To move on let it go.


What is Jealousy? Jealousy a mixed feeling of anger, bitterness or insecurity towards someone who has what you don’t. When Jealousy takes over you forgot the moral and self-respect for your self. Jealousy makes a person life unhappy and some times can make you a criminal.

Fear and Anxiety

An unhappy person constantly worrying about the future. Fear to make them stay in their comfort zone and that destroys life. They afraid of taking big changes and decision and stuck in an unhappy life i.e. filled with anxiety.

Blame Game

If you want to feel good just blame your unsuccessful events or your problems on others. When we are constantly blaming others, we become a victim of our own doing. We refuse to acknowledge our mistakes and it turns out the disasters.


Standing for your rights always appreciated by others and encourage you. But sometimes people jump to defending their actions every single time without thinking about right and wrong. Unhappy person ignores the message and starts targeting the messenger. They put you down, point out your errors, question your power to correct them and miss the point and are least responsive to feedback.


Sometimes we try to hide from our own mistakes and try to run away from the problems. The moment we run away from our situations we lose control over it. Self-pity makes us feel like life is not our hand and there is nothing we can do about our circumstances. We look for the support and help but we failed.

Hope you got a clear picture of the unhappy personality. If you need help then you can consider connecting online counselling services. Counselor can help you understand the situation you are in and help you cope with the problems.

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