The pestilence that hit the world at the end of the previous year not only caused major shifts in many businesses and even whole industries whose profit suddenly plummeted, but altered people’s personal habits and social practices in general. The outliers of the pandemic tsunami that has spread across the globe reached even the most secluded spots in ripples or even waves, keeping survivors marooned in their isolated lodgings. Having plenty of time to ruminate on the vicissitudes of fortune, we started to reassess our values and our way of life and learned to appreciate other things than the fleshpots of Egypt – health, family, relationships, and serenity of mind.

However, the theme of physical survival remains the top priority for people imprisoned in their dwellings, so many of them are trying to find a reliable source of income without leaving their premises. Modern digital technologies and available internet connection offer plenty of opportunities to earn a living from home. One of the surefire recipes in this vein is launching a directory website. Having it is nothing short of owning Klondike goldfields once you have figured out how to make money with a business directory website.

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