The Voice of Spirit

Beloved, the voice of Spirit has never left you and can never leave you. The voice for Spirit speaks throughout your day in all the mundane occurrences and every-day situations of your life – occurrences and situations you pay little or no attention to, because, overall, they mean nothing to you. They are meaningless to you, but they occupy the majority of your ‘time’, they create your very life.

And yet, God is speaking there to you in every moment, in every encounter, in everything you notice and those things you notice but choose to ignore. Everything speaks to you, and sings the Song of God into Life in each moment.
Notice, then, the moments of your life. What is God saying in this moment? Is He saying “Fear not,” or “Speak softly,” or “Behold the mystery and beauty of My Life?”

Each and every second, each nano-second and every single instant is fully infused with God-essence. There is nowhere He is not. There can never be anything but God that is in existence. Illusions to the contrary, He is All in All.
Learn, therefore, in every moment. Notice. Listen. Observe closely and see God acting in each scene in the great Play of your Life. And when it is necessary for you to speak, speak Truth only. Do not betray your own voice of Spirit, but speak it fearlessly into the world, for the world has great need of your Truth.

Author's Bio: 

Barbara Dutcher, MA, is a teacher, writer, workshop leader and certified spiritual counselor. She teaches a method of reliably receiving inner guidance, and receives kind, loving and wise messages from Spirit on behalf of her personal counseling clients. Her website is