Let us laugh, then. Laughter can drive away fear like little else. That is why laughter, even at those events, people or circumstances that may not seem humorous to you, even things that seem cruel or merely bizarre - in all cases, laughter is used as what you call comic relief. Relief is needed and the soul and the personality combined seek out expressions and circumstances that will provide relief.
Relief – that is something that would seem to be most needed in your world. How many products in your world promise relief in some form or other? Relief from heartburn, yes – relief from pain, from stress. There is a pill for that, isn’t there?
Of course, you know what the pill for everything is. Of course, it is Love. Why is it not sought as a remedy then? If it is true (and it is) that Love heals all, why is the totally free, pure, wholesome and natural cure not used? Is it in short supply? Is there not enough Love to go around? So it would seem. Or at least, so it would seem to many, who do not have enough Love at their disposal to heal themselves, and look for relief outside themselves.
So then we must ask: Is the supply that you are giving to yourself somehow lacking? Have you stopped short of giving yourself all the Love you need? So much that you are brimming over with Love and it naturally cascades off you and spills down around you and splashes up onto everyone you encounter. Without a word being spoken, without so much as a glance being exchanged, the Love you are overflowing with has the ability to splash up and bless so many.
Therefore, be very sure to give yourself all the Love you need, filling yourself completely. In this way you will not only ensure your own happiness, your own fulfillment, your own prosperity and health, but you will bless countless others as you go along your way. What a blessing you will be as you go along!

Author's Bio: 

Barbara Dutcher, MA, is a teacher, writer, workshop leader and certified spiritual counselor. She teaches a method for reliably accessing inner guidance, and receives kind, loving and wise messages from Spirit on behalf of her personal counseling clients. Her website is www.theguidewithin.org.