There are times in our life that we try to change things in our life. This may be earning more money, gaining a promotion, living a healthier life or having a happier relationship with others. Whatever it is what we are really trying to do is creating a new reality for ourselves. How do we do this? Let us show this by going from the current reality we are in to the new reality you want to achieve. When you come to look at it, all reality is perceived reality. We can also state it with perception is reality to the perceiver.

Let me explain this by giving you an example. Let us take the NBA Finals Basketball Game. You and a friend were lucky enough to get tickets to game 7 of the Cleveland Cavaliers versus the Golden State Warriors game. Now the things is you are a die-hard fan of the Cavaliers while your friend is also a die hard fan but not of the Cavaliers but the Warriors. Are both of you going to see the same game? The answer is yes and no. Yes because you are going to see the same of events, the points scored, the fouls called but no you are not going to see the same game because as the Cavaliers score your friend will be disappointed and as the Cavaliers score three pointers you will give that celebratory shout and your friend will moan a big N – O, NO! No we know that the Cavaliers won, so being a fan you were ecstatic and oh so proud of your team while your friend feels dejected and may mope around for days. This is why we say that perception is reality to the perceiver.

Take Action Challenge:
In the following days, if something bothers you or you feel negative about a certain incident try to look at it another way. Try to see it in a positive light. If a family member or co-worker irritates you, think of why they are acting as such and ask yourself,“is there another way I could see this situation?” If you can change how you look at the situation you’re in then you will be able to experience the incident differently.

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I believe in you!

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