A seriously ill person investigating reflexology for the first time asked tentatively, “Do you think reflexology can heal me?” I answered her loaded question, “Reflexology cannot heal anyone. All therapies can assist our bodies’ own innate healing ability. You don’t have to think about healing your cut finger. Your body knows what to do. Other things we do for health besides stress relief therapies include exercise, adequate sleep, healthy foods, sunlight, fresh air, prayer or meditation, a life purpose, and clean, high alkaline water.” She asked me, “What’s so important about alkaline water? All water is the same, isn’t it?” Ah, another loaded question! You wouldn’t say all air or dirt is the same, would you? Neither is water. Water is dynamic and complex.

The ancient Greek Heraclitus said, “You cannot step twice into the same river,” referring to the universe’s constant state of flux. Just as the universal law tells us that energy is always moving and changing form, so is our state of health and that of our body’s water. Our bodies are 90% water at birth, but as we age, it averages about 75%. Upon death, the body’s water measures 45%. Our brains are 90% water, our blood, 82%, and our muscles, 75%. The body requires adequate water to carry oxygen and nutrients to the cells, and to help with nutrient absorption and conversion of food to energy while also regulating body temperature. Water protects and cushions vital body organs and joints. Water removes metabolic waste from the cells through the lymphatic system. Without water, we cease to exist.

The quality of our body’s water is important, too, not just the quantity of it. The average 155-pound person’s body contains about 12 gallons of water. A body filled with 12 gallons of polluted “sludgy” water is going to be much more acidic than a body filled with 12 gallons of high alkaline water. When the body is chronically acidic, illnesses can develop. Systems start breaking down. When a fish tank becomes polluted and acidic, you change the water or the fish die. In the same way, high alkaline water raises the body’s pH and trades existing acidic body’s water with new fluid to produce healthier tissues, bones, tendons, and blood. Over time, the changing levels of healthier water in the body will “turn the tide,” and bring that body’s waters back to its original intended state…vibrant, abundant health. Water is not "just" water, is it?

I drank highly acidic reverse osmosis water for 10 years before entering menopause. Six long years of suffering hot flashes, night sweats, insomnia, weight gain, and changeable moods ensured my willingness to try anything! I never thought something as simple as drinking high alkaline water could so dramatically impact my life. Within three weeks all menopause symptoms had vanished (to my relief and that of my poor, patient family members!). Since change is inevitable, let’s make sure it’s in the right direction. Change your health by simply changing your water!

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Vivienne Bailey’s daughter was 11 months old when the infant had open-heart surgery. To assist her recovery, Vivienne turned to the healing arts of Reflexology, Reiki, Aromatherapy (Raindrop Therapy & VitaFlex), Tibetan Bowls Sound Massage and most recently, Kangen Water.(TM) Email: YourWaterWisdom@gmail.com or call:
407-677-1448 or visit www.YourWaterWisdom.com.