Most of us think that having the THING, relationship, Career, House, Vacation is what we want. It's actually the STATE we'll have once we have that THING.

If you can vibrationally cut to the chase, flow that energy, essence, feeling state in advance, you'll be in the attraction mode and start to show the Universe what you actually want to attract.

What kind of energy do I flow for attracting my ideal work (especially when I don't know what that is yet?)

What kind of visualizations do I play in for allowing in the ideal situation, e.g., the dream property for my retreats, the perfect outcomes for my present employment, improved relationships with boss/co-workers, attracting the ideal committed love relationship?

I always recommend that you write down what you and how you want to feel as a result of having what you want. What kinds of things do you want to experience and get as specific as you life. If you notice resistance coming up when getting specific, just back it down to being more
general. And tap on the resistance.

The Universe knows what you want – you want Well-Being flowing to you in the variety of forms Well-Being can take in our physical experience – lots of money and freedom, artistic expression, love and companionship, expressing our talents in the world with inventions, designs, generosity of all sorts. It's our God-nature to expand and express in the world.
The nature of God is Infinite Expression, Unboundedness and your nature is that too.

Sometimes we don't even know /exactly/ what we want. For example, in work, in relationship, in the body, etc. But what we DO know is how we want to feel as a result of that more general desire.

Well-Being is our natural state. We've all learned to pinch it off for a variety of reasons, mostly our conditioning. All is well, now we know that we can /consciously choose/ our state of being. Rather than being at the effect of what's going on 'out there.' It's an inside job, remember?

Let's say you've started to imagine what that experience (having what you desire) feel like. And you've flowed your attention and intentions into place around that subject or subjects.

The biggest clarifying question we can ask ourselves to become attractive and magnetic to our desires is: “What will I be feeling once I have what I want?” Thoughts are electrical in nature and the transmit. Emotions are magnetic in nature and the attract.

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Nanette Geiger is a relationship coach and author of many books and articles focusing on Relationships, the Law of Attraction and Self-Mastery. You can find more helpful articles on the Resource Page and books on the publications page of her website at

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