Lughnasadh also known as Lammas, First Harvest
Eve of July 31 - Aug 1

Lughnasadh (pronounced “Lu-na-sa”) the first harvest. It’s the point in the year where focus turns from planting and growing to the harvest. Typically a celebration of the grain harvest. It takes place on the 1st of August, a date internationally agreed upon, or on the day of the full moon next to this date, if you want to celebrate when the ancient Celts probably did.

Lughnasadh marks the begin of the noticeable descent of the Sun into the darkness of winter. From the connection between the Earth (female principle) and the Sun (male principle), the marriage of the Sky Father (Sun God) with the Earth Mother we celebrated at Bealtaine, emerge the fruits of the first harvest of the year. Lughnasadh is a time of joy about the first fruits. It is also a time of tension, because the dark days of winter are coming nearer, and most of the harvest is not brought in and stored away yet

The grain Goddesses Demeter and Ceres are also honored.

Questions to Reflect on:

What were you able to take reap from your first harvest?

Did your seeds grow to their full potential?

Were there other seeds that needed to be planted and were not planted?

This is the time to start to reflect inwards and evaluate your harvest

Author's Bio: 

Dolores J. Gozzi has been studying and working with nature, change of the seasons since she was a child. She currently offers programs to help others understand the cycles and changes of the seasons