I’d like to suggest to you the following five ideas about money:

(1) How you can be rich and prosperous for the rest of your life.
(2) Remind you that money is not “the root of all evil,” instead – the “love of money” is.
(3) The solution to all of your money problems are available to you in the more than eight hundred (800) suggestions – are written to you in black and white right there and “at hand” in your Bible. Be sure to read all eight hundred of them! Get them fixed in your mind – now.
(4) You can make your money work for you – not the other way around.
(5) You can be so prosperous that you can give your money away and at the same time love doing it!

In his book: “Mover Of Men And Mountains,” multi-millionaire Le Tourneau, inventor of the bulldozer said: “ My slogan is not how much money I give to God, but rather how much of His money I keep for myself. You know, they say you can’t take it with you, but I say you can send it on ahead and have it waiting to your credit when you get there!”

Then LeTourneau made it his lifetime habit to give back to God 90% of his income and he lived very well indeed on the remaining 10%. LeTourneau was rich because he gave most of the money he made to God. His state of mind was that he knew, from God, that he was a fabulously prosperous steward. Therefore, the money sent to him was merely a tool God entrusted to him to use for the Glory of God.

In the same way, God wants you to be rich and prosperous so you can do good things for His glory with the money He sends your way. You see money is a good and valuable tool that God want us – as his stewards (managers), and His trusted servants, to use for Him.

Examine for yourself, in your Bible, what God says to you about your money, your riches and your stewardship – be a good steward, and do it – now!

God tells us to get out of debt, to owe other men only brotherly love and then, He says, you will be prosperous and rich beyond your wildest dreams.

Jesus, when on the cross, gave all Christians the gift of “righteousness,” that is, right-standing with God. In addition, He also gave us – as you can guess – prosperity! Therefore, we are already prosperous. If we don’t feel prosperous, we must prayerfully ask the Holy Spirit to open up our understanding about money and then help us change our feelings and our –state of mind.

By: Terry L. Weber

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Author's Bio: 

Terry Weber is a retired advertising/direct mail sales letter copywriter and inventor of several useful items. Terry and his wife Doris were Habitat For Humanity, RV Care-A- Vanners who, for the past eight years volunteered to help build more than 39 houses all over the USA. They traveled to and from the 2-week long builds in their RV. The money they make on their website helped them pay their expenses to and from those volunteer Habitat builds.

P.S. Due to the high cost of gasoline and some recent health problems we can no longer drive the RV to Habitat builds. The RV has been sold. If you want to "give back" try joining Habitat For Humanity. It is both rewarding and lots of fun to help a hard working, needy family get an affordable home of their own. Note: This is a "hands-up" not a "hand-out" program. They have a no- interest mortgage and no down payment is required.