Are you ready to change your life and become the person you want to be? There are many reasons why you may want to change your life. You may want improve your relationship, suffer from confidence issues, feel under-valued at work, want to change careers, quit smoking or lose weight. Whatever the reason, in order to change your life you have to want to.

“Whatever your mind can conceive or believe, it can achieve.” - Napoleon Hill

Before you go ahead and make any change in your life, it seems obvious that you should know what you want. Although this sounds simple it is not always that straightforward. The answer to knowing what you want to change can often be hidden under many things. For example:

“I want a Porsche.”

Q: Why do you want a Porsche?
A: Then everybody would know that I am successful.
Q: How would that make you feel?
A: More respected and more important.
Q: What would that give you?
A: A sense of security and more confident.

So in fact the car (Porsche) is just a representation of confidence.

Of course it could simply be that I want a Porsche because it’s my dream car.)

To change your life, decide on WHAT you want.

If you want to change your life you have to decide what you want to change. Many books advise starting with recognising what you DON’T want. That can mean an often painful look at all the negatives in your life. This in itself can put many people off going on to the next and most important stage which is identifying what you DO want.

Concentrating on what we DON’T want.

“You are limited only by your beliefs, so change what you focus on.” - Neil Shah Author 'Understanding NLP'

Just imagine writing a list of all the things that you don’t want before you went shopping. The process would be so long and in the end you still have to write down just what you DO want. Don’t get bogged down and spend all your time concentrating on the negatives.

However, it is always a good idea to have a quick stocktake before you make your list. Your shopping list is going to be made up of things that you do want, so make sure you know what you want.

You should always remember that the subconscious mind cannot process a negative. If we concentrate or focus on the negative, then that is what we will attract.

So if you want to change your life for the better, be positive, adopt a ‘can do’ attitude and make that all important first step.

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