If someone asked if you what was holding you back, would you ever imagine that it was your attitude? Usually we like to blame our lack of progress on other things such as our current circumstances. "I could _______ if I only had________." You can fill in the blank with excuse after excuse until you're blue in the face, but it won't change anything. Now, of course there are some real circumstances that prevent us from meeting goals, but most of the times, our willingness to settle for 2nd or 3rd best is what is holding us back. While you can't win every battle, settling before you ever enter the race will ensure that you will never see first place. Most professional athletes don't even have a scenario planned for if they come in 2nd place. When you start planning a "just in case", you've already lost.

In many cases, we use our attitude as a crutch. We say things like, "I'm just a naturally pessimistic person" or "I'm always skeptical of everything." Maybe these things are true, but these things are a part of your DNA only because you've allowed yourself to believe these thoughts for such a long time. Instead of saying that you are pessimistic, try saying that you are supremely optimistic. If you can't convince yourself to say this just yet, say something like, "I am becoming more optimistic everyday."

What kind of people do you like to spend your time around? While you can't really blame your life on your peers, it is important who you allow to influence you. Maybe you're thinking that you aren't being influenced by anyone, but whoever you are around is influencing you whether you like it or not. If you don't have friends who understand the importance of positivity, they will never support your positive lifestyle. In fact, they will probably try to discourage you from achieving your goals and moving forward toward success.

Sometimes being afraid can cause us to be unable to progress in life. It is more comfortable for us to try things where we are guaranteed to succeed. The voices in our head tell us that we should just play it safe and never try anything, and that way we will never fail. You have to ignore that fear in your head and keep your positive attitude.

If you ask most people if they think they deserve the absolute best, they will answer that they do. However, when people are truly honest about what they deserve, they don't usually think they deserve very much. This is usually because we spend so much time hoping to see other succeed that we feel that we are being selfish when it's time for us to taste success.

When you see people who are very upbeat and perky, does that annoy you? If you ever find yourself saying things like, "No one can be that happy" or " I wish they'd stop being so happy", then you might have found out why you can't reach the positive levels in your life. Instead of resenting people who have accomplished goals that you'd like to accomplish, think about how you will soon be successful and after a while, you will be too busy with your own accomplishments to resent anyone else's success.

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