Most people are now aware that the old career path of going to school, obtaining good grades and securing paid employment is no longer the only way to earn a decent living. Now more than ever before, people are aware that entrepreneurship is a reliable alternative to the 9-5 grind, which used to be the only major acceptable option.

Thanks to Robert Kiyosaki and other writers who share similar thoughts, school is no longer the only way to secure a life of luxury or comfort. In fact, entrepreneurship has the potential to help anyone escape the cycle of struggles that school mostly prepares us for. Kiyosaki likes to call this the “rat race”.

But then, why would anyone want to replace a regular day job with entrepreneurship? I mean, it is widely acknowledged that only about 10% of businesses survive after 5 years. Why then would anyone want to dump a secure paid job and start a new business which may fail? Let’s look at some ideas.

Exponential Growth

A salary is pretty much fixed. Until a promotion comes, an employee earns the same amount of money every week or month for as long as he or she stays employed. For business owners, the earning potential is unlimited. When a business goes as planned, and with all factors being equal, most regular employees are no match for business owners in terms of income.

Full Control

Nature gave humans the ability and freedom to make decisions at all times. However, there are situations where a person’s ability or liberty to make certain decisions is taken away from them. Prisoners don’t get to decide where they go and what they do at all times. Sick people who suffer from one form of impairment or another will naturally be unable to do certain things. The same can be said of employees in some ways. An employee is no prisoner or sick patient, but does what his or her boss wants. Doing otherwise will result in a firing or reprimand of some sort.

Extra Time

Most entrepreneurs work incredibly long hours per week for the first one or two years after starting their businesses. Many report sleeping only 6-7 hours every night during the earliest days of their businesses. However, when the business survives the first few years and becomes profitable, the abundance of time these entrepreneurs get is incomparable. Traveling the world and working seems to be something that only business owners and freelancers can do. People working 9-5 jobs can only dream of that.

Now, while entrepreneurship is certainly not for everyone, there is no reason anyone qualified for it and who has the guts to do it shouldn’t do it. Feel free to replace your regular job with a business if you can. But you would do well to start with a simple business. An Amazon business, for instance, could be a good way to start, especially if you have zero experience in business.

What you basically have to do is to do a little research or get some mentorship, then hop on the Amazon platform. There are many ways you can start a business through Amazon. For instance, you could start an affiliate marketing business, where you earn commissions for sales made on Amazon through your affiliate links. Conversely, you could launch an FBA business. Here, you get to sell products on Amazon, but the platform handles the processing and delivery of merchandise that your customers buy. But before you start, learn more about the business so you can avoid the mistakes that beleaguer beginners.

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