Today comes the Mantra first

"In the deep dark passages of the night, I find my way into the light. For in those places my faults are revealed, and in finding their value I am truly healed."

The mantra is not kidding that you may visit some dark realms of anger and frustration this coming week. Breathe deep for the dive and you may find some sunken treasure. Indeed, this is a week where conflict can truly lead to resolution. One way or the other, it is decision time! No more putting off the "inevitable". Choose now or forever and hold your peace!

Dark sides we normally want to avoid inside and outside. Please do take every feeling of anger, fear and frustration serious. Avoiding does not heal it makes you sick.
It is now the time that we must really commit to the surrendering process upon us. The fruits are dropping from the great tree. The ripening phase has come and gone, and now all that was so abundantly available for the potential harvest is withering and beginning its decomposing.
This week we are cleaning up around the Sacred Tree of Life, gathering all the rotten fruits, which symbolically represent the ideas, the plans, the hopes and dreams, and the desires that were not met by receptive consumption, but left to fall. Here with in this humble exercise we can hopefully recognize the perfection, purpose and completion of the natural life cycle. Some fruits were consumed and transformed into nourishment, sustenance and the very life force feeding into the manifestation of the goal and intention, while the others, now fallen, remain to become composted material giving to the creation of the nutrient rich soil from which the next new seeds shall sprout. Nothing is wasted in the natural order of life. All has its purpose.

You have your purpose as you had chosen to be here in the year 2012 and take your responsibility and be a part of the big changes. And therefore everything that happens in your life, whom you are meeting, your dreams and desires have a purpose or are serving that purpose.

In the world it seems that we are just having war and planning the next war. Your purpose here is to find your inner peace. Inner peace you can have when you have conquered your fears and worries.

The best advice for future

"Do not do what you have always done or you were told to do so."

It can also mean that your budget gets smaller and you need to correct it. Is this something you ever thought that it was necessary? It can happen that you cannot rely on your new spouse, or even trust your new business partner, as you have done before. It may be about to risk what you have already acquired throughout your life, like a hope, your dreams, your beliefs, a person in your life, business, or your family. It may seem that the life you know now appears to be unfair. Mostly it is about daring to dream again, like old dreams of your childhood, or even movies or social norms. These expectations can be fulfilled or not.

You might not want to hear that. You believe you are able to change or you hope that everything stays the way things were. It is time for all of us, do not be an ostrich and instead take the ample opportunity (or should I say the kick in the pants) offered to you to do it easily.

Clearly, you cannot continue to bury your head in the sand. If you do, you will intensify the crisis. How do we get out of this dilemma?

Be open to all changes! Do not hold on things and situations, which want to dissolve, especially not because of the need for security. Today life has a very different quality. Create security in yourself as so it manifests itself in the Universe!

Because Henry Ford says:

"If you think you can do it, and if you think you cannot do it, you're always right!"

Invest in yourself and increase your awareness by understanding the new world!

Author's Bio: 

Angela Schulz-Henke is a success and business coach. She loves to see her clients thrive and live a fulfilled life.
Her mentor is John Assaraf, Bob Proctor, Bruce Lipton and for marketing Chris Cardell and Michael Gerber.
She just founded a Business Coaching Company with 2 other ladies to coach small companies and people who want to set up their own business or improve their business in a rapid changing market.

We need to become active now. We are in the biggest change mankind ever experienced. Become aware that you are here to participate actively