What do you need for writing the perfect resume? There is no answer to this question, and there cannot be a correct answer because the perfect resume doesn't exist – wheresoever an individual approach is a must.

If you are striving for a qualitative career change or climbing the career ladder – it is important to have a resume that fully represents you as a professional. Therefore, it would be right to say that your success in life depends on an expertly written resume.

Creating a high-quality resume requires maximum involvement and can be time-consuming. If you want to get a resume that you are confident in, you can turn to professional resume writers. They will send you a questionnaire that should be filled out, taking into account your entire working background.

Suppose you have found a vacancy of your dreams and want to work in this particular company and this position. In that case, your resume should be detailed and targeted and focus on precisely those points that are important for a given position or company. If you realize that you are not 100% meet the given criteria, do not despair. In such cases, a cover letter can help. Many firms provide a package of services that includes a personalized cover letter and resume.

It is important to highlight in your resume what exactly your previous employer received thanks to your work, and, accordingly, what benefits the new employer can expect. For example, these should be specific indicators: "Increased the company's sales revenue by 15% in 1 month."

When looking at your resume, a recruiter will pay attention to your skills. Key skills, experience, and job responsibilities at previous jobs should be specified. If you used special technologies and tools, be sure to add such information to your resume. This can become a competitive advantage.

Special attention should be paid to people who are looking for work for the first time and do not have special skills and work experience. They most often turn to resume writers for help. For a person who has no experience or wants to change his field of activity completely, professional writers recommend indicating the existing achievements, such as an honors diploma, additional courses, participation in social activities, and volunteering. After reviewing the resume, the recruiter should understand – the person is interested in this job.

The main thing in a resume is specifics and information richness. The resume of some specialists, for example, programmers, will not fit on one page. Skills alone will take at least half of the sheet, not to mention work experience, recommendations, and hobbies. At the same time, there are several posts for which the main points can be placed on one and a half pages. It all depends on the job, but the document should be no more than 3 pages.

What is great about resume writing services – they will help you choose the right format to qualitatively reveal you as a professional. There are three common types of a resume: chronological, functional, or combined.

A chronological resume describes your places of work in chronological order, starting with the most recent. This type is suitable for people who are looking for a job in a field familiar to themselves, have significant experience, and seek career development.

A functional resume is most often chosen by people with little work experience or those who often change jobs (for various reasons) and do not want to focus on it. The emphasis here is on skills and achievements.

A combined or combination resume is a mix of the two previous resumes. It is rightfully considered the most effective because it reflects your work experience and the required qualifications.

The golden rule says: "Always tailor your resume for each employer."

Often, when asking for help from resume writers, send an example of the vacancy for which you want to apply, so it will be easier for them to tailor their resume to its requirements. An HR manager will not waste his time chronicling your entire professional life. He/She will determine if you are suitable for the proposed job in 8-15 seconds of viewing the resume. Therefore, it is important to indicate your experience and advantages that fit the description and are important for a particular job.

Luci Peters, ResumeGet

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