Creating the New You, Enlightenment for Your Soul, KNOWING that Now is All there is, Examining yourself while in Your waiting Season, and asking yourself What is the Rush, all have one thing that is in common. Are you aware of what that may be?

CHANGE! That is right. Think about it. In order to experience any of the above you have to BE willing to not only CHANGE, also to LET GO. In order for anything NEW to happen in your life you must be willing to LET GO of the old to make room and welcome the NEW, that is the only way for TRUE CHANGE to occur.

In order for anything NEW to come to you, you first have to make the space available. That is what CHANGE IS. It is making the space available for you to put something NEW in its place. I have never heard of anyone or anything that was able to change without first BEING willing to LET GO of the old to allow the new and go within to make CHANGES, have you?

We, as a Society do our best to BE in our comfort zones and to NOT change. We do our best to hang onto old ways of thinking, being, living, and doing all in the name of rituals, family life, customs, heritage, lifestyle, and etc all to NOT CHANGE. NEWSFLASH: LIFE IS CHANGE! You ever thought of that? What is Life if not CHANGE?

If Life was not CHANGE we would still be back in the 1800's with that same mentality. That is not where we are today, although people can choose to hang onto that way of thinking today if they feel it will benefit them, all the while RESISTING LETTING GO AND ALLOWING CHANGE TO HAPPEN, which only makes their life harder because, What you resist persists, what you look at hold-DISAPPEARS!

Angels of Light, CHANGE IS LIFE! LIFE IS CHANGE! One thing that I have come to KNOW for sure is that the one thing that will never change is the fact that life is ALWAYS CHANGING, and because that is SO, in order to flow with Life One must be willing to accept that......CHANGE IS, LETTING GO!


Author's Bio: 

I AM a Spirtual Counselor Expert. One who listens, guides, uplifrts, supports, motivates, and Inspires Others to look deep within themselves and create who they truly are. I AM here to BE an example of LOVE in the best way that this Universe see's fit.

I AM a Communications Expert. Ihave over 15 years of Communication Skills and Listening Skills, to where I have developed Empathy and Compassion and use that energy to listen and communicate with and NOT judgement and condemnation.

I AM here to HELP YOU! Thank you for keeping your divine appointment with yourself. Your Spirit has brought you here because you are choosing to LIVE AND BE FREE, not someone here following rules and living a mundane life! It takes work, dedication, commitment, determination, fearlessness, courage, strength, and love. You have all of those qualities right NOW within you, it is up to you whether you allow those qualities to come forth and SHINE!