India is the largest democratic country having almost 18% of the total population of the world, is still entangled in its education system. Comparing the Indian adult literacy rate with other countries, India stands at 185th position with a mere 60% of poor literacy rate according to literacy and census Bureau percentage. Today the major population of India lives in Villages who remain isolated from the basic right of education. Even if they are provided, the teaching level is not adequate. A 5th standard student is unable to read, write and perform simple mathematics questions. So the situation is more pathetic in villages than cities or it should be stated as more for the poor.

Education in India is conveyed through Government, Government supported and Private Institute. Among them, forty percent are Government which is not maintained appropriately, always face a problem of deficiency of teachers, books, and no suitable teaching system.

With the population growth rate of 1.5%, there is tremendous pressure on the education system to deliver quality education at an affordable price to improve literacy rate which will directly impact the economy rate. For a better future of the country, we need to prepare from today by providing a new generation with a better education.

Teaching must be seen as a respectful career

This is the very first challenge to attract able people towards a teaching career and to raise the professional status of teachers to develop teaching as a knowledge-based profession. People should not take it as a second option career. For quality education, we need quality teachers.

Designing the 21st-century curriculum

School curriculum must be prepared according to the advancement in the education field. Education must be a promising opportunity for students to create a better future for themselves and the country. The school curriculum must be updated according to new technology. For the decade we are teaching with the same old and traditional methodology mainly in villages which need to be corrected.

Blame Game should be stopped

To bring a change in society we need to stop playing the blame game instead we need to take responsibility for ourselves and the betterment of others. We should stop blaming the government, administrators, teachers which in return blame each other. High school blame secondary school, secondary school to primary and this vicious circle keeps on. Today each one of us needs to take responsibility for our duty to have a better society. Even students need to take their responsibility of self-discipline, hard work, resilience and work ethic.

Digitizing Indian Education System

Digital India is a perception to renew the education system in India. It is a program that endeavors to bridge the literacy slippage by delivering education through digital platforms to children and teachers. It provides an opportunity to access learning sources through a global platform, providing reachability to teachers and breaking the barriers to gain quality education through physical classes. It is to incorporate new technology with the education system for better outsources.

Introducing the benefits of technology in education

E-learning apps
Smart schools
Smart Tools -
1. School management software

2. Live bus tracking system

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