The pharmaceutical industry is one of the fastest growing and most lucrative industries in the world, because of the never-ending requirement of healthcare products and life saving drugs. The industry functions under the careful eye of the government.

The industry involves an investment of billions of rupees for drug research and development that is one of the major reasons that not many businessmen invest in the business. If a pharmaceutical company in undertaking the research for a new drug, it is likely to consume a lot of money, and in spite of that, it doesn’t guarantee success. So the industry now balances the investment of money in creating and developing the drugs with the potential profits that would be made by selling the said drugs. The government regulates the industry and the pharmaceutical companies test the products thoroughly to make sure that the drugs are safe for human use and consumption

The role of the pharmaceutical business is in three folds. Along with the pharmaceutical business development it brings break-through innovation of new drugs and tests, produces these drugs safe for human use and also brings about economic growth by employing hundreds to thousands of people. There are many remarkable innovations by the pharmaceutical industry such as the contraceptive pills, penicillin, antibiotics and vaccines that have saved thousands of lives over the years and give the patients a better and healthier lifestyle.

Also the earnings of the business are very limited and squeezed between the pricing constraints due to the government policies and market competition. Even the growing sophistication in technology and increased legislative requirements, the cost of the research and development has increased. Once the pharmaceutical business is properly set, it is efficiently funded and driven by profit. The public funds available for the research and development of drugs are scarce, since they are paid for by the taxpayers. But there are many businessmen out there who have poured in their funds and have taken the risk in developing drugs. So if a pharmaceutical business has skilled professionals and scientists working for it, the business can make profits from the research and development that they have invested in.

The processes by which the medicines and drugs are made are patented. If another company is using the process by means of piracy, the inventor experiences losses. In the research-based pharmaceutical industry, losses are estimated at around $15 million to $20 million each year due to piracy. Also, in a pharmaceutical business the skilled and professional workforce determines to an extent the failure or success of your business. So you need highly skilled professionals and scientists so that your investments pay off positively. However the industry experiences a shortfall for science and engineering graduates who can rapidly contribute to the development of the business environment. So to get over this problem, pharmaceutical businesses should look out for students with multi-disciplinary programmes which will help the graduates to function effectively and efficiently in the modern and global pharmaceutical industry.

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Pharmaceutical development is important part of pharmaceutical business to get a success.