What is Chalk Couture?

Chalk couture is a collection of different products that allow you to experiment and make exquisitely unique home decor or apparel through creating artful-looking chalkboards or other projects even if you are have no experience in arts and crafts. Chalk couture allows you to discover your inner artistics skills and produce meaningful design and decor.

The founder of the company Melissa Hancock, bought a sizeable frame from a crafts supply store years ago and produced a magnificent piece of art by turning the frame into a magnetic chalkboard. That little piece of art never went unnoticed in Melissa’s home. This all lead to the idea of finding the company Chalk Couture which is prominently known for its vigorous Chalk Paste wax and Chalk Transfers now. Anyone can use Chalk Couture and successfully create something beautiful. This allows room for innovation and motivation to fabricate and design imaginatively. As more people learn about Chalk Couture, the more number of designers is exponentially grow every day.

Have you ever seen those beautiful Chalkboards with patterned hand lettering or typography and secretly wish that you can recreate that for your home? Well, fret not because Chalk Couture is here with wide range of products to beautify your home and spice up your decorations through super easy premade transfers.

What does Chalk Couture offer?

Chalk Couture offers a unique collection of exclusive products which mainly allow you to decorate professional chalkboards but really, anything can be made from them. Chalk Couture is transforming and giving a whole new meaning to home decor by introducing crafting that you won’t find anywhere else. Additionally, Chalk Couture is that is so easy and fast that anyone can create pretty home decor items, clothing, and gifts. One doesn’t need to be artistic or creative to use these amazing line of products.The products that enable you to create professional-looking designs include:

Chalk Transfers

Chalk Transfers function like sticky and silkscreen stencils that let you peel and stick cut-out designs perfectly onto the frame and produce a elegant yet distinctive specimen of art. Chalk couture offers numerous alluring designs to choose from and they are all reusable!

Chalkology Paste and Couture Ink

Chalkology paste works like removable paint. It is traditional chalk in paste form to create patterns on the board or frame. Best thing about chalkology paste? You can wipe it all clean if you feel like changing out your artwork or you can leave it be.

Chalk Couture also offers Couture ink which is actually permanent ink to be used on boards or even other material like fabrics that produce fine and velvety results. Chalk couture offers a wide range of color pallete to make your piece stand out.

To turn the products into a living piece of art, you’ll need a squeegee and chalkboard surfaces both of which are offered by Chalk Couture. You can even utilize the frames and boards you have lying around in your home for the purpose of fun and super easy project!

How to join Chalk Couture?

If arts and crafts are your thing or you are frequent vendor/visitor at fairs, events and crafts expos, Chalk Couture is perfect for you! Their products demonstrate amazingly well at events. People love to try out Chalk Couture first hand and usually end up buying and recommend them to all their friends.
If you too love this line of products, you can become a Chalk Couture Designer. Your first cost will be purchasing the Chalk Couture starter kit which you can find more about on their website.

Once you’ve signed up with Chalk Couture, and have ordered your start kit, then you’re an independent designer. Each designer has his or her own website, which is hosted and maintained by Chalk Couture. Chalk Couture even has training available for those new to the world of Chalkology, and as a designer you’ll have access to those. We also have many videos and photos you can utilize to share the enthusiasm with your social media and get off to a tremendous start!

You don't have to be a business owner to enjoy Chalk Couture. You can purchase transfers and the chalk paste and enjoy creating signs for your home, parties, special events and even gifts!

To learn more and to view the products you can go visit Chalk Couture’s website.

What to learn more or try a sample? Contact Melissa Hancock at LoveIsBlondeCouture@gmail.com

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