Chakras and Chakra healing

If you were to go through books on medicine and self discipline written by our wise ancestors, you would be stunned at the sheer depth at which energy is discussed. Spiritual energy and life force are concepts worth believing in. Chakra healing is not just an intuitive idea but a real system that has helped perform some of the greatest healing miracles, from sorting out breathing problems to saving lives.

Chakra in itself is a simple thing. We are all beings carrying abundant amounts of energy. We are capable of switching energy from the universe into ourselves, and vice versa. We have the ability to use this energy to enhance our lives in an incredibly positive way. But this energy does not flow haphazardly. Our bodies have specific nodes at which this energy is concentrated. Think about the implications of this idea- it would mean that a person who gains self control, can gain access to his chakra!

Where are the nodes?

Chakra has been mentioned in many texts. Different philosophers and spiritual leaders have their own unique systems of where the chakra nodes are located. The foundation is that these nodes are sensitive energy spots, much like discs- hence the word chakra. There are healthy ways to activate these nodes, but before that, it’s important to have a rough clue of where they are.The common hotspots are: Root chakra (spine), Heart chakra, Throat chakra, Brow chakra, Crown chakra, Sacral chakra and Stomach chakra.

These areas were not selected at random. Not only have healers proved the chakra concentration at these spots, there’s also a logical sequence to why these regions are crucial.

Root chakra signifies our ability to be firm and down to earth. Heart chakra implies that an ideal being will have a healthy heart and courage. Throat chakra points to the importance of communicating. Brow chakra symbolizes our ability to think. Crown chakra is about spiritual sensitivity, and sacral chakra pertains to a balanced diet. But knowing the chakra nodes doesn’t make it easy to learn how to control your chakra. It’s not something that can be developed overnight. Chakra wielding is a disciplined skill and requires guidance.

Chakra healers can perform a vast array of things, that one would easily perceive as miracles- Chakra control can purify the mind, discard problems in the stomach, lungs and limbs, and revitalize the soul.

We need chakra masters. But how do they do it?

Chakra masters are undoubtedly special people. The truth is, some people are naturally more spiritually sensitive than others- this doesn’t mean it’s difficult for the others, it’s just that some beings are born with better chakra control. However, most of such people are barely aware of it and go through life without any knowledge about chakra. A few of such well balanced people discover their gift, and spend years learning to master chakra control, and use it to make the world a better place.

Most chakra healers will tell you that chakra can’t be controlled unless one lives and breathes peace. Chakra masters are thorough with one common principle: An unhealthy person is ill because one or many of his chakras are disturbed. Chakras at each node have a certain frequency, and if this frequency is disturbed, you develop an ailment at that area.

For healers, spotting the point of problematic chakra is far more difficult than the actual control of chakra. Anxiety and depression involves a Brow chakra disturbance. Breathing issues involve Heart chakra disturbances, and so on.

How are healers capable of smoothening out your chakra?

Healers are special for one simple reason: true healers are selfless and peace loving. They have vision, and let their chakra flow from their own nodes in order to heal their patients, and enable the patient’s weak nodes to absorb energy from his surroundings. This can only be achieved by a wise, experienced healer who has a thorough understanding of his patient’s needs and has learned to be alert to energy spasms.

The bottom line is: for any form of healing, you must believe in the healer as much as you believe in the technique. Chakra wielding is an ancient ability and the fact that it is still in popular demand will make you look forward to what it has to offer.

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