This is a simple guide for healing each chakra, starting at the root and working upward. Some people do a meditation for all seven chakras daily, others choose to work with an individual chakra energy healing each day, week or month. Aligning the chakras can greatly enrich our lives and personalities.

Properties and Healing for each Chakra:

The Root Chakra: The color for this chakra energy healing is red. Its seed syllable is LAM. It starts between the genitals and anus and radiates down to the feet. It deals with issues surrounding home, safety, stability and security. A good posture for this chakra is a seated position with the bottoms of the feet touching one another. The spine should be straight. The fingers should encompass both feet and pull them toward the body. Turn the mouth up and relax the forehead. Chant LAM or form a mudra by pressing the thumb and index finger together.

The sacral chakra: The color for this center is orange. Its seed syllable is VAM. It is located at the sex organs and deals with issues of promiscuity or prudishness. It can also block or increase creativity and imagination. A good posture for this chakra is butterfly. It is the same as the posture for the root chakra, above, but it includes moving the the thighs and knees up and down rapidly, as if they were butterfly wings. Chant Vam or form a mudra by placing hands with palms up right above the pubic bone. Place the left hand inside the right and let the tips of the thumbs touch.

The naval or solar plexus chakra: The color for this chakra is yellow or gold. Its seed syllable is RAM. It is located just behind the belly button. This center deals with issues of obsessive drive or desire for power, as well as complete lack of ambition. A good posture for this chakra is boat-pose. Lying on the floor, bring the feet together and lift the legs about 45 degrees. Use the stomach muscles to lift the back, head, neck and shoulders off the ground and extend the arms out and up as if to touch the feet. Chant the sound RAM. You can also sit on the knees with the back straight and form a mudra by touching the tips of all the fingers together and crossing one thumb over the other to form a cone. Place the hands at the naval and chant RAM.

The heart chakra: The color for this chakra is green. Its seed syllable is YAM. It is located at the center of the chest. Problems associated with it are lack of trust, lack of feeling or compassion, self-centeredness, lack of boundaries, and being overly concerned with pleasing others. A good posture is fish pose. Lying flat on the back, bring the legs together and point the feet. Lift the back, neck, head and shoulders, bend the elbows and place them under the bum, bending the head back down toward the floor. Chant YAM. You can also form a mudra by bringing the thumb and index finger on each hand together, placing the right hand at the heart center and resting the left hand on a knee or thigh.

The throat chakra: The color for this chakra is indigo. Its seed syllable is HAM. It is located at the center of the throat. This chakra deals mostly with recognizing the truth, good speech, and the ability to listen to and understand wise words and wisdom. A fish pose, detailed above, will also open this center. Simply chant the syllable HAM, instead of YAM. The hand mudra for the throat chakra is formed by interlacing all of the fingers and connecting the thumbs to form a O. Hold the hands at about chest level.

The third-eye chakra: The color for this chakra is violet. Its seed syllable is OM. It is located on the forehead, between the eyes. Problems with this chakra include lack of insight and delusions from too much or overstimulation in this area. To balance this chakra, sit cross legged with the hands at the lower part of the breast. Connect the thumbs together so the knuckles of the fingers are touching one another, then extend the two middle fingers out so the tips of them are touching. Chant OM, or AUM.

The crown chakra: The color for this chakra is deep purple. Its seed syllable is NG. It is located at the top back of the head. This chakra helps us feel connected to a higher self and to all life. Without it, we feel lonely, disjointed, and hopeless. To heal this center, sit cross legged and place the hands at the navel. Let the two ring fingers touch. Fold the right thumb over the left and interlace the remaining fingers. Chant NG.

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