Employers all around the world are finding chair massage to be increasingly popular in their workplace. In fact, this kind of massage is known to energise, refresh and relax employees which invariably helps them be more productive and motivated.

What is a chair massage?

In this massage, the focus is primarily on the shoulder, back and neck areas while the individuals are seated in a special massage therapy chair. Unlike conventional massage, chair massage in Auckland usually takes anywhere between 5 to 30 minutes. The best thing about this sort of massage is that it can be tailored according to client preference.

To set up these chairs no extra equipment is necessary as they are quite portable in nature. Unlike conventional chairs, these are extremely comfortable and are designed to relax the body while the massage is being performed. As this kind of massage is conducted over clothing, they can conveniently be done at any place in the office.

Some facts about it

Most employees sit in their chair for hours in front of their computer which can cause certain postural problems At best this is just uncomfortable, but in the worst case scenario, it can become a health liability for the employees. In this increasingly desk bound culture; postural problems are on the rise.
Several surveys have proved that the prime candidates for back pain are the ones who are subjected to traffic congestions and long hours at work.

What are the mental and physical benefits?

If properly done, chair massage in Auckland is capable of leaving individuals refreshed and invigorated. By improving the blood circulation of to the upper body, it enhances one’s energy levels. Also, muscle stiffness and pain can be removed as the therapists work on key muscle groups which invariably enhance mobility. Needless to say, this kind of massage is great for combating postural problems.

Even a brief session of chair massage can help with problems such as stiff necks, hunched shoulders and lower back pains. Some people have even reported a decrease in headaches which are often a resultant of tension in the neck area.

In addition to the evident physical benefits, there are also several psychological benefits as well. This kind of massage therapy in Auckland CBD allows employees to some time off work and relieve their stress. Studies have proved that a break of just 10 minutes is enough to improve concentration and memory levels. By switching off from their work, even for a short while can improve their productive when they return to work.

Also, being a fully-clothed massage, it leaves the worry about getting embarrassed in front of colleagues. This is a stress free and soothing treatment that is suited to all.

Who can benefit from this massage?

Needless to say, people of all sizes, ages and fitness levels can benefit from chair massage. At first the therapists will discuss specific concerns that their clients have and then work on it through their treatment. The length, pace and intensity is usually dictated by the clients. For people suffering from prior health problems, chair massage can greatly help in the recovery process.

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