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Best spinal canal stenosis treatment in nagpur

Ayurvedic Treatment of Spinal Canal Stenosis

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The medical condition in which the spinal canal of a human’s body begins to narrow down gradually, leaving very less space for the spinal cord as well as nerves surrounding it to coexist properly is known as spinal canal stenosis. Initially when the canal is by a small amount, it does not bother or pain at all but as it begins to grow, you might experience pain in legs along with a feeling of tingling or numbness. In fact, in the later stage of the disease, you might also feel perpetual weakness that is accompanied with the pain.

Some of the spinal canal stenosis symptoms include:

• Slip disc or herniation of the intervertebral disc
• Spinal injuries cased due to accidents
• Presence of tumour in spinal cord
• Bony spur caused by bone tuberculosis or arthritis among other reasons

The spinal canal stenosis causes include:

• Pain in the legs and back
• Weakness in the legs
• Difficulty in walking around or moving legs
• Feeling abnormal sensations in the legs such as numbness, tingling or/and pricking
• Dislocation of the vertebral bones from their original place
• Loss of control over bladder or bowel

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